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Josh Brolin Hugged A Bouncer After Being A Drunk Asshole


Josh Brolin kind of has an alcohol problem. A lot of people say it’s what broke up he and Diane Lane. That and him cheating, but the cheating was spurned by being drunk all the damn time. After Brolin’s latest debacle, he decided to try to make up with the bouncer/security guard he fought by giving him a hug. From AceShowbiz:

A very drunk Josh Brolin apparently got into a bar fight with a security guard, but then they made up and hugged. The amusing incident took place on Friday, November 1 at O’Briens Irish Pub in Santa Monica, Calif.

At that time, a security guard was trying to escort the actor out of the club because the staff was going to close the establishment. Brolin apparently got angry and did not want to leave. In a video obtained by TMZ, he can be seen throwing aimless punches at the security guard.

Another security guard came to help his co-worker. The first guard apparently tricked the actor into believing that they were actually hugging and everything went well. Brolin and the guard later hugged again outside the club as he tried to hail a cab for the “Men in Black 3” actor.

The guard even protected him from a persistent fan. “I got him, I got him. He’s fine,” the guard said, asking the female fan to leave them.

So really, if you read this, you’ll realize it was the guard who hugged Brolin first. He went back, and to the left. Back…and to the left. Back…and to the left. Hey, if Josh Brolin was in JFK how much funnier would this joke be? Think about it.

Think about it, and let me know.

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