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Lou Reed’s Albums Got A 607% Increase In Sales After Death


Lou Reed, musician and Kanye West aficionado, died on Sunday, October 27 2013. And it sounds gruesome to say but his album sales haven’t been this good in decades. After his death there was a 607% increase in album sales. More stats from LA Times:

For the week ended Oct. 27, total sales of Reed’s albums were 3,000, up 607% from the previous week’s sales, which clocked in at less than 1,000, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

That time period includes less than a day after Reed’s passing became public, so the tally will probably grow for the next week, especially considering that many people probably didn’t learn about the news of the singer-songwriter’s passing until Monday morning.

Are you a Lou Reed or Velvet Underground fan? What’s your fave song/album?

It was revealed that Mr. Reed died from liver disease. He died at home in Long Island, NYC, according to his doctor via MSN.

Oh and now for the gossip portion of this post. Here’s a photo where it looks like David Bowie and Lou Reed are going to kiss, but Bowie says they’re not. Here’s his actual response from 1993 via Feel Numb:

This was at the Cafe Royal in London after the final Ziggy gig at Hammersmith. Lou Reed and Mick Jagger, who’s behind us, came down. I’m not actually kissing him. If you study it, I’m talking into his ear and he’s talking into mine. I’m quite a way over. But it was near enough to a kiss for the press and they all printed it. We were supposed to have been kissing at that time anyway so there was the evidence. No, I think Lou Reed is the last person in the world I’d want to kiss.

Bet he’d want to kiss him now if he could :(


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