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The Jonas Brothers Want You to Stand By While They Get Their Shit Together

jonas brothers MET gala

The Jonas Brothers are a hot ass mess. The brothers “took a break” a little over a year ago but then got back together and planned a tour, which they’ve since cancelled amidst rumours of a break-up as well as claims that Joe Jonas may or may not be a drug addict. Allegedly! However, now Joe himself has reached out to fans on Twitter, asking that they hold tight while the group tries to get it together, whatever that even means:

Is this code for “please hold while I go to rehab and detox from heroin use”? Who can say? But also, is anyone REALLY still holding their breath for this group? Was anyone ever, besides Disney kids? I’m just so confused – I don’t think I know a single Jonas Brothers song (and I’m happy about that, so don’t be putting any in the comments or anything!)

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