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Jude Law’s Teenage Son Is A Preppy Model

jude's law son model

Jude Law has a 16-year-old son, and few things make me feel older than that. Rafferty is his name. He looks just like his dad and his latest gig is modeling for Tiger of Sweden clothing. He stars in a short film as part of the company’s campaign.

His mother is Sadie Frost, star of Jude’s personal horror film, “I Cheated With My Nanny And My Wife Found Out.” Do you guys remember when that was the biggest deal ever? And then he and Sienna Miller were on and off again for a while and that was also a very big deal? And he was known as this great womanizer and was in every film ever made in the ’00s? I’m still adjusting to seeing him as a dad of a teenaged son.

Anyway. The promo is below.


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