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Celine Dion Wants More Sia Songs to Sing

celine dion sia

I feel like we’re at that place now where I can be honest about the fact that I went through a several year obsession with Celine Dion during my adolescence. When I say “obsession”, I mean that I actually learned French (and still speak it to this day) in order to understand her French music and TV appearances. I even had her records she released as a teenager back in Quebec. It was a pretty intense time in my life, as you can tell.

I don’t really listen to her anymore – and haven’t since Let’s Talk About Love back in ’97 (though her 1998 French album, S’il Suffisait D’Aimer was a killer, too), but I still love Celine on principal because she’s really fucking talented, seems like a sweetie and a true diva… and totally nutso in the best way possible.

In any case, her newest single is a song called ‘Loved Me Back to Life’ and was written by Sia. If you’re thinking, “Who the hell is Sia?” then you haven’t listened to pop music in the past three or four years, because she’s all over it. Remember ‘Titanium’ with David Guetta? ‘Wild Ones’ with Flo Rida? Rihanna‘s ‘Diamonds’? She wrote the lyrics and melody for that! She’s basically everywhere, so of course Celine wants to work with her more.

Here’s what she has to say in a behind-the-scenes video of the making of the song:

“Sia, thank you so much for your talent. It’s extraordinary. [The song is] so powerful and touching. I hope you write me more – that’s my wish for myself.”

Well, considering Sia probably made serious bank writing for one of the biggest female stars on the planet, I don’t think she’d have a problem with that.

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