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Oh Great, Robin Thicke Is Planning a ‘Blurred Lines’ Follow-Up

robin thicke

We all know Robin Thicke‘s schtick by now: stick it in you by any means necessary, even if you’ve insisted you don’t want it (because you definitely do, you just don’t realise it yet). Well, gird your loins because he wants to do a ‘Blurred Lines’ follow-up with TI and Pharrell! Hopefully, that follow up is going to be called “Consent (I’ll Be Sure To Get It)”, but I doubt that’ll happen.

From Billboard:

“Pharrell is already a worldwide brand, success and incredible musician; TI has more top ten hits than both Pharrell and I.

“I was the underdog and they were there for me. They gave their all to the video and the song. I’m so grateful to them and to all the people that have enjoyed it this summer.

“I would love to do it again and I’m sure we will. It’s one of those catch 22s where you want to repeat that success but you don’t want to mess with the first time.”

Man, this guy is clueless. Sure, ‘Blurred Lines’ is a catchy song, but why in the hell would you repeat an experience that has brought nothing but trouble for you (you know, in addition to the chart success) since you got called out for being a misogynistic bastard with a real problem with boundaries? I suppose it takes all kinds. That, and money talks.

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