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Sharon Osbourne Is Going To Retire

sharon osbourne

Sharon Osbourne is currently appearing on The X Factor UK, but once this season finishes, it’s all over for her as she wants to retire, “put her feet up” and spend more time being a grandmother to Jack‘s daughter, Pearl. Fair enough! She’s 60, she’s had a long career and now it’s time to chill a bit, right? She’ll probably have a fair few bacon fires to put out, as well.

From The Sunday People:

The mum of three – a hit again on the X Factor after returning to the judging panel following a five-year break – is buying a new home with hubby of 31 years Ozzy who finishes his goodbye tour with Black Sabbath in December.

The pair are describing it as their retirement home where they can enjoy their family and £115million fortune.

A source close to Sharon revealed to the Sunday People : “She is ready to retire, give up the showbiz world and lead a quiet life.

“She is relishing the idea that she will be able to spend all the time in the world with her little granddaughter Pearl.Sharon was devastated about the loss of Jack and Lisa’s baby.

“She and Ozzy have had a tough year and realise how working in different countries has put a strain on their marriage.”

Fair enough! I can’t wait to retire, though knowing me, I’ll get bored and get a “side job”… unless I’m rich. Then I’m sure I could find plenty to occupy my time.