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Demi Lovato Is Releasing an “Inspirational” Book

demi lovato

Bless Demi Lovato‘s heart – she’s been through a lot and has come out the other side stronger and better for it, and that’s fantastic for her. She’s adorable, she’s likeable, she really seems to care about her young fans and wanting to set a good example, etc. However, she needs to stop wanging on about it all the goddamn time, because it’s really seriously starting to annoy people. And by people, I mean me. It’s awful.

So, prepare yourself for the fact that she’s now coming out with a book called Staying Strong, which will feature inspirational quotes and morning meditations. I’m sure this actually will help some people (you know, the type of people who look to Demi Lovato for help) and I support it for that reason alone, but can this please, please be the last chapter – pun totally intended – in her struggle story? Like, let’s move on, girl – ‘Heart Attack’ is a great song. Let’s talk more about that!

Here’s the Keek video where Demi revealed the news about her book: