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Are Ellie Goulding and One Direction’s Niall Horan an Item?

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I’ve been waiting for an excuse to write about my girl Ellie Goulding on EBG and bring her to the mainstream gossip sites for a while now, and this was the perfect opportunity: she’s apparently involved with One Direction‘s Niall Horan. You know, the Irish one. Reports started circulating that Ellie and Niall were hooking up when they were seen together at the V Festival in the UK earlier this month. No one’s really said anything about it, but I figured it was a non-starter anyway since Ellie is a 26-year-old hottie with a body (yes, I hate myself for saying that) and Niall is… Niall. A 19-year-old boyband member, and not even the good one. Who likes Niall, anyway?

Yes, I’m being tongue in cheek about nearly all of that. But in all seriousness, I thought this was a bunch of BS, but from what Ellie recently told The Mirror (while partying in Ibiza, no less), I’m not quite so sure.

Speaking for the first time about the relationship, the singer-songwriter – at number one with Burn – turns a deep shade of red.

She starts giggling: “Oh God, I knew this was coming! I just can’t talk about Niall.

“I won’t ever talk about my love life any more because it’s always then gone wrong when I have in the past. But I will say this, I’ve definitely had some ‘interesting’ tweets since the story came out.

“Thankfully I’m able to take it all with a pinch of salt because I’ve been told to be that way. I genuinely mean this – I don’t hate on anyone, but at least One Direction fans are very passionate and my fans are very passionate too. I’d hate it if people didn’t care about what they thought.”

Oh, girl… no. Or yes, I mean. Whatever floats your boat. (I’m working on my zen side today.) I just think this is a downgrade. Less of a downgrade than when she was dating Skrillex, but I think that goes without saying.