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Over 50 Eminem Fans Got Arrested At His Concert on Saturday Night


Eminem has been working on his big comeback and before headlining the Reading and Leeds Festival next weekend, he decided to give a nice, intimate concert for 80,000 of his biggest fans in Slane, Ireland on Saturday night. It was all honky dory until police started arresting people for various bullshit… over 50 of them, in fact. Sounds like trouble!

From PA:

Twenty-two people have been arrested for public order offences at Eminem concert at Slane in the Irish Republic.

There were a further 35 arrests for minor drug offences, five reported assaults and one person was detained for driving while under the influence.

Superintendent Michael Devine said most of the 80,000 fans were well behaved during Saturday night’s gig.

“The vast majority of fans heeded the advice given in advance of the event which ensured everyone had a safe and enjoyable experience,” said Mr Devine.

A huge security operation was put in place after nine people were injured during violence at a concert at Pheonix Park last year.

Around 750 Garda officers were on duty with an additional 500 local stewards on the ground to ensure public safety. Revellers were also searched at three different entry points with officers looking out for alcohol, drugs and weapons.

God, people can’t even light up a blunt at a rap concert in peace anymore. As for the assaults and the DUIs, those people deserved to have the cuffs slapped on. Good to see Eminem hasn’t lost his edge, though… or something.