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Tara Reid Wasn’t Cut From ‘Sharknado 2’ After All


I can’t even believe this is a discussion we’re having. That there’s a movie called Sharknado that exists, that it got enough views to warrant a fucking sequel, that producers decided they didn’t want star Tara Reid – clearly one of the movie’s drawing points – back for the second film and that now she’s made a public statement denying that she’s been cut and insisting that she just wants to see a script before she commits. Uh… okay.

Here’s what she had to say on Twitter:

Apparently she’s not lying, either, as Sharknado producer David Latt has since told The Hollywood Reporter:

The Asylum‘s David Latt, who serves as a producer on the new franchise, denied a TMZ report that indicated the actress would not be returning for the follow-up.

“The short answer is: Nope. Tara is invited back,” Latt told The Hollywood Reporter. “Honestly, I don’t know where that [TMZ story] came from.”

Here’s the thing: I sorta believe Tara was cut and then the public got all up in arms about it so they’ve had to go back on their decision and deny the reports. I mean, maybe not – after all, like I said, she was a huge camp drawing point (though really a stick could star in a movie about a tornado full of sharks and the entire Internet would tune in), so it would have been a dumb decision.