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Steve Martin Lost His Wallet and a Stranger Returned It


In what I guess is a story about the triumph of the goodness of humans, it’s been revealed that Steve Martin recently lost his wallet while biking in Pennsylvania (random?) and a kind stranger returned it.

From The AP:

Martin apparently lost his wallet while bicycling before performing Tuesday night in Wilkes-Barre (WILKS’-ba-ree). Will Beekman, programming director at the concert hall where Martin performed, says a man working on a city street found the wallet. He knew Martin’s bluegrass show was in town, so he contacted the concert hall to say he’d found it.

Beekman says Martin insisted on thanking the man in person, but he wasn’t sure whether the man got a reward. The wallet had Martin’s driver’s license and credit cards but no cash.

Beekman says he didn’t get the man’s name.

Well, that’s nice, I suppose. And Steve Martin is a pretty decent guy, himself, so he did probably give him a reward (I would hope). That’s not to say we should all be doing things in life with the sole motivation of getting a reward, but you know what I mean. That guy coulda gone out and spent a shit ton on Steve’s credit cards and then tossed everything in a dumpster, but he didn’t, so… hurray?