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‘The Bling Ring’ Gave Emma Watson All Kinds of Anxiety

emma watson

Poor Emma Watson. She’s really been trying to branch out since her Harry Potter days, most recently in whiner Sofia Coppola‘s The Bling Ring, in which she plays a celeb obsessed girl who actually burglars the houses of some of her favourite stars. I think that’s what that movie’s about, right? I dunno, there’s no torrent out yet (LOL). In any case, it turns out researching the role made her hella anxious, as she watched a shitload of reality TV to prepare for it – including Pretty Wild, the show with Alexis Neiers, who she plays in the film.

From Rookie:

I have watched Pretty Wild, the reality show about the real-life Bling Ring, so many times. I’m obsessed with Alexis Neiers, the girl you play in the movie. Have you heard from her about the film or anything?

No, I haven’t. To be fair to Alexis, [my character] is like three steps removed from who she might be in real life. A lot of the material in the movie was based on an article which was based on a reality show, which we all know isn’t real life. I wasn’t trying to impersonate her—she just inspired the character. I watched Pretty Wild so many times to try and get her into my brain, though. It gave me anxiety. How do you watch it?

I’ve never seen that show and really felt quite disconnected from entertainment when this film was announced because I barely remember this whole fiasco in real life. Like, I vaguely remember it happening, but I wasn’t all that into it and never would have expected a movie on it.

Have you seen The Bling Ring yet? Is it worth watching?