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Demi Lovato’s Airing Out Simon Cowell With Some Candid Pics

simon cowell demi lovato

Simon Cowell is still a bit of a stud – mostly because he’s filthy rich rather than their love of that hedgehog hair and those cheap ass white t-shirts – and Demi Lovato, one of his co-judges on The X Factor US put him on blast on Twitter yesterday when she posted the following early candid shot of him:

HAHAHA! Love it. Don’t know where Demi dug that one up, but it’s a classic. She also posted some fan art… or something. I don’t know what else you would even call this:

I like Simon – I tend to find him the sanest judge on any show he’s on and he tells it like it is. I also like his rapport with Demi and the fact that she gives him a hard time, but I’m ashamed of myself for even caring enough about this to find it at all amusing.