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Kate Winslet Got Married!!!

A photo of Kate Winslet

You guys! The three exclamation marks are reserved for very special occasions only, and this, friends, is a very special occasion. Not because of the actual marriage, probably – we don’t get much into Kate Winslet gossip over here, but the guy she married actually calls himself Ned Rocknroll. Like, that’s his actual name, and I just can’t get firmly behind that. So yeah, I’m not super pumped about the marriage part, but this one particular fact about the wedding? That’s what earned that punctuation in the headline. And it’s amazing.

From People:

Kate Winslet has tied the knot with Richard Branson’s nephew, Ned Rocknroll, her rep tells PEOPLE.

“I can confirm that Kate Winslet married Ned Rock’nRoll in NY earlier this month in a private ceremony attended by her two children and a very few friends and family,” the rep says. “The couple had been engaged since the summer.”

According to British media reports, Leonardo DiCaprio gave away the bride in a ceremony so secret that the bride and groom’s parents didn’t know about it.

The Oscar-, Golden Globe- and Emmy-winning actress, 37, has been dating Rocknroll, 34, (his legal name) since fall of 2011.

In August 2011, she and Rocknroll were on the same Caribbean island owned by Branson when a fire broke out and Winslet rescued Branson’s 90-year-old mother.

Winslet previously was married to Sam Mendes and Jim Threapleton.

Yeah, it’s kind of weird that their parents didn’t know anything about the wedding. And it’s definitely weird that this dude legally changed his last name to Rocknroll, and that Kate could feasibly start calling herself Kate Winslet-Rocknroll. But guys. Leonardo DiCaprio gave her away. And that is more important than everything else that ever happened in the world.