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Anna Paquin Had Those Babies Already!

photo of anna paquin babies pregnancy pictures photos
From People:

The True Blood twins have arrived.

“We can confirm that Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer recently welcomed their twins into the world,” reps for the actors tell PEOPLE exclusively.

“The babies were born a few weeks early, but are in good health and both Mom and Dad are overjoyed.”

Wow. That seems like the shortest gestation period ever, right? We found out that Anna was pregnant back in April, and shortly after, found out that she was having twins, and wow. That time in between sure flew, huh? I just hope that everyone’s really OK, because while twins sometimes do come early, it sounds like these little ones came more than just “a few weeks.” Do the math—even if Anna was two months pregnant when she announced her pregnancy (which may even be a stretch, because women who become pregnant with twins often show pretty early on and when she made her announcement, there was hardly a bulge, let alone a bump, in sight), that’d make her only seven or so months pregnant.

Or hell, even throw all the math out the window, because I f-cking count on my fingers anyway, let’s take a look at the most recent photo we have of Anna—which is that picture, up at the top of this post. This photo was only taken two weeks ago. And if you’ve ever seen a lady carrying twins, she’s often way, way huge.

Them’s be tiny babies—cute babies, but tiny babies, nonetheless!

Congratulations, guys! I think you’ll make a great mama, Anna!