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I Guess Rodney King Was On a Lot of Drugs When He Died

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You guys remember how Rodney King died back in June, right? Two months ago, when he suspiciously drowned in his backyard pool for almost no apparent reason?

Well. Sources close to the investigation on the case have gone public with the results of the toxicology screening, and it states that Rodney was not only on marijuana when he drowned (or whatever it was he did; that’s all still fishy), he was also under the influence of PCP, cocaine, and alcohol. From TMZ:

Rodney King was under the influence of SEVERAL substances at the time of his death — including alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, and PCP — this according to Rodney’s death report.

According to the report, the cause of death is listed as accidental drowning — but the drugs were contributing factors.

The PCP is interesting because there was a theory around the time of the 1991 beating that Rodney displayed super-human strength because he was on PCP at the time. However, blood tests for the drug turned up negative.

So, OK, it was an “accidental drowning.” Coroners are also saying that the reason Rodney “accidentally drowned” was because he was in a drug-induced delirium, and either fell or jumped into the pool, and didn’t come out alive because of all of the substances in his system. It’s no wonder, really.

Good heavens. Stay off the drugs, kids.