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Viral Video: Gary Oldman’s ‘Call of Duty’ Reenactment

A photograph of Gary Oldman beating you at chess

I don’t know whether you guys already know this about screen legend Gary Oldman, so I’ll just tell you: the man supplies his voice to a lot of video games. Like, a lot of video games.

Like, Medal of Honor and a couple Call of Duty games, for instance. Like, Gary Oldman has participated in almost as many video games as Tim Curry has. Which, like, OK, that’s a lot of video games.

This said, I don’t think you really have to be a fan of Call of Duty: Black Ops to really, really, really, really enjoy this video of Gary Oldman shouting at/near Conan O’Brien:

OK, FOR REAL: If you didn’t finally crack and break out into either giggles or guffaws right around 1:16, there might be something wrong with you. I think the real humor maybe has to do with the way Gary Oldman breathes from the diaphragm.

(Photograph by photographer Ian Derry; see also.)