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Amy Sedaris Would Like to Demonstrate the Abilities of Her New Pants

Amy Sedaris is my favorite. I’ve said before—and this bears repeating—that she combines everything I love about crafting, cupcakes, and Quaalude abuse. (I assume we all have pin-up posters in our kitchens of Amy wearing frosting and sprinkles and nothing else? No? Well, I do, and my boyfriend’s roommate does, which means my boyfriend has to look at Amy Sedaris wherever he goes, poor guy.)

Now, Miss Sedaris has given better performances on other late-night talk shows, maybe, but this is the first time I’ve seen her wearing a breakaway skirt. And she’s right! She really can do anything in those Maidenform® Flexees® pants! She’s also channeling a little Mary Katherine Gallagher in this performance (am I old?). Watch closely for Jimmy Fallon’s aneurysm.