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Some Evil Person Mailed White Powder to Craig Ferguson

A photo of Late Late Show's Craig Ferguson

What kind of horrible person would do this? Someone who hates laughter? Someone who hates fun? The Associated Press reports that Late Late Show host Craig Ferguson was mailed a threatening letter containing white powder; both the LAPD and the FBI are investigating. (Neither agency will discuss details, of course, but we do know the letter was sent from France. The powder itself was confirmed as harmless.)

This is really creepy stuff, though! Craig Ferguson seems like a totally arbitrary target, on the one hand. On the other, he is a true American patriot—you can tell by that Tardis he keeps on his desk. (Wait, what?)

Oh, well. At least Mr. Ferguson is keeping a cool head about the whole thing. In fact, he made the incident the subject of his opening monologue last night (and he made more lighthearted jokes about “mysterious white powder” than Lindsay Lohan can shake a stick at):

D’awwww! He’s so cavalier in the face of adversity. Stay safe, Craig!