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Kate Gosselin Still Spends Extravagantly, Stiffs Creditors

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Kate Gosselin, or as some of you might know her, The Bitch from Jon and Kate Plus 8, is being sued by a PA-based marriage counseling center. The center, Creative Energy Option, was asked to fly out to LA back in 2009 where they performed ‘services’ for Kate and company, and now they claim that there’s an outstanding bill of $10,476 due. The president of the organization spoke to TMZ and claimed that not only has Kate ignored their attempts to collect the debt, but has also refused to make a payment arrangement.

But hey – Kate’s got a long record of wasting money, so this shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Friends of Kate have come forward (I know, I was really surprised that she had some, too) and claimed that the bill is Jon’s to pay, as the counseling center was hired to ‘coach’ Jon on living his life, which did not involve Kate at all.

Either way, if I were in a situation like Jon and Kate’s, and my marriage was seriously THAT FAR GONE, I’m not sure that I’d be alright taking it to marriage counseling – especially if I were, you know, involved with the taping of a reality show and everything else that goes along with it. I didn’t watch Jon & Kate when it aired, and I’m not going to pretend to know the ins and the outs of this couple’s marriage, but chances are, if you’re looking to a reality show to mend the cracks in your relationship, (or, um, display those very same cracks) then marriage counseling – or life coaching – PROBABLY isn’t going to work either.

Just get on the bill, Kate – 10 grand should be a mere pittance to what you’ve probably dropped on fake nails, tans and veneers in just the past few years, right?