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In Other News …

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Photos emerge of Katy Perry drunk. I thought that was against her Christian values. [Celebslam]

Sorry? But Paris Hilton would be a terrible mom.[popbytes]

What’s funnier than Gwyneth Paltrow shaking her ass? Gwyneth Paltrow pretending that she has an ass to shake. [Pajiba]

David Beckham gets hairplugs.  … Right?  [Celebitchy]

One of the most foul things I’ve visualized all day: Chloe Sevigny giving head. [Amy Grindhouse]

Happy Birthday, Christina Aguilera. Lay off the hard drugs and you might look better at 31.  Or maybe 40.  [CityRag]

Haha, Amber Rose has a new boyfriend. [Pop on the Pop]

50 Cent rocks some serious sunglasses. [OMGBlog]

Hot Hooters girls unconstitutional? Uh. Just because, apparently. [Zelda Lily]

Nikki Sixx shops jewelry for his new girlfriend … you’ll never believe who it is, either. [Celebrity Smack Blog]

Justin Bieber is totally dating Selena Gomez, and this confirms it. [Earsucker]