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Love It or Leave It: Cher’s Cartoon Character-Looking Hair

photo of cher at the london premiere of burlesque pictures orange hair photographs

Girlfriend is looking an awful lot like Frieda from Peanuts these days, correct me if I’m wrong.  Frieda was always considered ‘one of the pretty ones,’ where Peppermint Patty was probably the grimiest, so I suppose it’s saying something that Cher is trying to emulate the hottest Peanuts character going. Word, woman, and keep doing your thing.

However, we all can’t walk around identifying with cartoons, because if we could, I’d totally be rocking Jem – that girl had legs up to there.

Whatever. This is Cher at the London premiere of Burlesque, and it looks like the cast of the movie has been doing a lot of hard drugs and acting impetuously due to the effect of said drugs. I mean, there’s really no other explanation for this, right?