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More Details on What Caused Demi Lovato to Seek Help

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Demi Lovato, as reported the other day, admitted herself into treatment for an eating disorder and self-harm, but stories emerged that very evening from TMZ, claiming that Demi had a physical argument with a female member of her tour staff the night before her admittance that caused the Disney star to take a good, hard look at herself and what it was that she needed in order to be happy.

A ‘close friend’ of Demi’s has come forward to validate the allegations that Demi did, in fact, ‘attack’ a staff member, and People has the official story:

“As she did on most nights off, Demi invited her band, dancers and her parents to dinner. Afterward, she broke off with a very small group.”

The following day, tour managers and Lovato’s stepfather, Eddie De La Garza, questioned the group’s conduct. According to a source close to the situation, the group had been partying.

“When tour management found out about this, they talked to the people involved, including Demi. Demi reacted badly and perceived that someone on tour had told on her.”

When Lovato and other tour members were on an airplane that same day, Lovato confronted a young dancer, whom she thought might have been the one to blame for telling on her. “There was a short, physical altercation,” says the source, adding that it was “one-sided.”

“Afterwards, Demi felt awful about her behavior and realized she needed to take personal responsibility for it,” says the family source. “Because of this, and because of the battles Demi has fought throughout her life, both she and her family realized she needed to take steps to get help immediately.”

The singer-actress “decided to seek medical care for her physical and emotional issues at a treatment center,” says the source, adding, “she is not in drug rehab.”

So apparently, TMZ had something right on this one, as they usually do. It’s no joke when issues like this can crop up and take a stranglehold on your life, but again, I have to give Demi the credit she deserves for nipping this in the bud.