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You Know, I Really, Really Love Harry Potter

Dunno if you guys knew that about me or not. Big Harry Potter fan. Huge, huge nerd about it, too. Like, I’m just two small steps shy from writing fan fiction (OK, no, I crossed a line there, and I’m sorry — I’d never write fanfic, alright?  We still friends?). But I constantly reread the books, over and over again. Right now I’m on Order of the Phoenix for the 7,482nd time.

So anyway, here’s the second trailer for the last film (which will be broken into two installments), Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I don’t know where I was when they released the first trailer, ’cause I was kind of taken aback at the fact that this was, indeed, trailer #2, but regardless — it’s fabulous and I cannot wait for the movie.

November’s closer than ever!