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Micahel Douglas Talks About His Cancer, Blames it On Stress

Michael Douglas has been battling throat cancer and the actor has been speaking publicly about his disease. In his most recent interview, Michael said that he believes his cancer was brought upon by the stress he’s been dealing with in both his public and private life.

Michael said, “This type of cancer can be brought on by alcohol and tobacco abuse and by a certain type of sexually transmitted reason, but I look on it as stress. I’ve had a pretty stressful year on a number of fronts, some of which were public and some of which weren’t.”

Of course he is at least partially referring to the arrest and conviction of his son Cameron who plead guilty to drug charges earlier this year and was sentenced to five years in prison.

The NY Post also points out that Michael had a cancer scare back in 2004 when his brother died from drug and alcohol use. Perhaps there is something to his theory…