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Late-Night Links

Donna Hogan explains why she’s selling a tell-all about her sister, Anna Nicole, before the body’s even cold. [The Blemish]

Eighty-seven years ago, when Willa Ford sang “I Wanna Be Bad,” we all kind of knew there was an ill-fated acting career to come. That it would culminate in her portraying Anna Nicole Smith in the late model’s biopic, though? I’d never have guessed. [Cele|bitchy]

Rachel Ray will not allow her audience members to wear sequins. That might seem cheesy. [Gabsmash]

Let’s all release our list of the Sexiest Women at the same time. That way all the individual lists can be especially meaningless. [CityRag]

Justin Timberlake and Madonna are collaborating. Ooh, I sure do hope this ends with some manner of on-stage kiss at the VMAs. [A Socialite’s Life]

If Tom Cruise is taking Katie’s high heels, you know he’s not throwing them out. He’s saving them for when she heads out with Posh for the evening and he has the whole house to himself to play dress-up. [popbytes]

Tobey Maguire was so into rehab way before it was cool. Yeah, buddy. Whatever. [Celebslam]

Let the Hiltonizing begin, I suppose. You can only fight it so long. My darling Hayden Panettiere is licking another girl’s boob. [Allie]

A year of sobriety convinced Danny Bonaduce’s wife that he wasn’t going to get any better than this. The couple filed for divorce. [Glitterati]

Orlando Bloom takes a break from his busy schedule of dating increasingly famous women to explain how the world will end. [POTP]

The Gilded Moose takes on Trent Vanegas. And omg is it funny. [TGM]