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Anna Nicole Newsbreak!


Anna Nicole Died of an accidental overdose, no sign of foul play.

From CNN:

Broward County Medical Examiner Joshua Perper said Smith was taking nine different kinds of medication in the days before her death, including a sleeping aid.

He also said Methadone was not in her blood, suggesting no use at the time of death, but was in her body, suggesting usage at some point in the recent past.

Commentary: Nine prescription drugs seems like too many.

Valium (sedative)
Chloral Hydrate (sleeping pill)
D12 (allergies, immune system booster)
Benadryl (c’mon, that’s ok)
Tylenol (I’m on this now)

The Dr. on MSNBC said she should have been in the hospital (just in general) if she was on that many prescriptions. The news folks are now talking “criminal negligence” for not taking her to the hospital although that seems unlikely.

Some of the prescriptions were evidently obtained under aliases.