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Brit Hits Up Another Meeting


Britney attended another Promises field trip to an AA meeting tonight — this time the 7:30 pm speaker meeting in Pacific Palisades. The paparazzi were right there to film her when she left, although they don’t have footage of her showing up. This pretty much means they weren’t tipped off by a staffer at Promises, because a staffer would have given them enough of a heads-up for them to get there when she pulled up — they were tipped off by one of Britney’s fellow rehabbers (who don’t find out what meeting they’re going to until they’re actually in the van) or someone in the meeting. And, since I’m guessing the other folks at Promises aren’t allowed to take cell phones on field trips, it was probably someone in the meeting. This particular meeting is an open meeting — meaning that you don’t have to identify as an alcoholic to attend — so anyone could have been there. I know the tabloids have folks scouting out the AA meetings in L.A. like crazy lately. Strangely enough, no one’s got any new footage of Lindsay Lohan at one. Maybe her dad will start dragging her to them when he gets out of jail tomorrow morning.

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