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The Britney Spears/Anna Nicole Connection

In a creepy twist to the Britney Spears saga, L.A.’s ABC 7 reports that Body and Soul Tattoo — which did Britney’s two post-shave tattoos — has inked Anna Nicole Smith in the past. Is Britney actually trying to set herself on the same path to disaster? It sure looks like it …

In other news, a lock of Britney’s hair from the shaving is now available on eBay. Bidding is up over one million dollars (but shipping is free!!!) with six days to go still. Know why? Drug testing, people. Drug testing. There’s a lot of money in that story. I’m actually really surprised that Brit’s people didn’t make sure to collect every strand of that damn hair immediately. And no one’s mentioned drug testing as a possible reason for Brit’s shave-a-thon. It’s not uncommon for drug addicts to shave their heads so they can’t be tested for drugs that way. Maybe her record label has been threatening to keep her on a shorter leash.

There were reports earlier that someone was selling her lighter and half-finished Red Bull from that night as well, but it looks like that listing has been removed. There are also a ton of other people trying to sell the lock of Britney’s hair, but it looks like those are all shams.