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By “Never Said It” He Meant “Said It”

When I watched the Access Hollywood thing I thought to myself, well if Isaiah is denying (calling his castmate the f-word slur regarding sexuality) what does this T.R. Knight fellow have to say? It seems to me that if you’re innocent you get the alleged victim to defend you, especially given you’re on the same show and good PR is needed at this point.

It’s now clear that Knight didn’t rush to Isaiaiaiah’s aid because he was lying. Allegedly of course (full article here).

Knight says… Washington referred to Knight, who was around the corner, using the slur. “Everyone heard it,” Knight says. At the time, Knight had not gone public with his sexuality.

So there you go. I’m not sure why you would deny something months after the fact if there was a chance you actually said it. Mel and the other guy just said sorry and moved on. They’re still jerks but at least no one is talking about it right now.

Maybe he just forgot he hated our gay brothers for “one night only.”