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Jay-Z Leaps Towards Mediocre

I have to say I loved Jay-Z a few years back. Before Beyonce, when he was sampling musicals I thought he was at least a litte bit of what the kids call “dope.”

Sadly he’s now very annoying. You can’t shake a stick without hearing him talk about coming out of retirement. If you’re going to retire when you’re in your twenties you better damn well wait a decade to “come back.” And why the hell would a rapper even bother retiring anyway? Just stop putting out albums man, we’ll get it. It’s not like your knees are shot or you need medicare you jerk off.

Even better, he was on Monday Night Football this past week. Wait for the relevance to come to you. Oh wait, there is none. None whatsoever. He’s from Brooklyn so they tried to tread water with the “So, ah, how about them Giants” line but as it turns out he’s a Cowboys fan. I mean gimme a break over here. did me one better though calling the new album his worst ever. He’s been sliding downhill for quite some time, and honestly if I was knocking boots with Beyonce I’d mail in my “art” too.

(Spiteful Lars slams mike down, once again winning the rap-battle)