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What Sucks and Costs $250 Million?

This is older news but you haven’t heard about it yet. A friend mentioned this to me and I had to track it down for you, the adoring public. I’m about to blow your mind. Ready?

Evan Almighty could cost as much as $250 million U.S. dollars to make. That’s million with an M. As in one quarter of a Billion dollars.

You may be scratching your head as to what exactly Evan Almighty is. It’s the sequel to Bruce Almighty, the one where Morgan Freeman was God and Jim Carrey put a definitive end to his comedy film career. The movie was okay, and it was cool because Jennifer Aniston played a tree. Oh, she didn’t? My bad.

But back to the budget, according to the article the film has run over on costs because:

a) it’s a “spectacle fantasy and also a comedy.”

b) the “studio’s desire to release the film during the holiday season in December, thereby cutting preparation time and forcing the crew to shoot scenes in Virginia during a rainy period.”

c) “Producers also encountered delays having to film hundreds of animals.”

Okay, now I get it. They had to deal with pricey rain, it’s a fantasy, and they had animals. It’s like Singles mixed with Jumanji so you can see why it would cost bank and a half. I won’t get into why they’ve decided special effects are relevant to a comedy because I know what really happened to the money and that’s a much more compelling story.

Tijuana hookers, eight thousand pounds of blow, and the crazy “money bonfire” party that helped the cast and crew pass away those lonely Virginia nights.