Today's Evil Beet Gossip

Bringing Back Husky

Hi there.

I’ve been asked to write up a short intro to explain who I am and what exactly I think I’m doing here. What I’m doing here is easy, I is a writer. I’ve lurked in the shadows of the EvilBeet world for a long time, watching EvilB and EvilT frolic and play in the Evil meadow. Finally, one glorious day EvilBeet said to me “If you keep staring at us I’ll call the cops.” I explained to her how much I loved the site and she offered to let me join in. How could I pass up this offer? My only reservation was the fact that I am a JustoGuar and had to click off certain entries with a disgusted sigh at the non-believers.

Now, who am I? Well, I grew up predominately in Boca Raton, Florida, home of the mercilessly elderly (though we do in fact have fantastic delis). I have a mom and I used to watch My Two Dads and I don’t really want to hear any guff about Boca because I left there a decade ago with only my wits to support me. I enjoy rotini pasta. I’m qualified because I have no small amount of self loathing, indeed when I pass a mirror I generally get the feeling that something has gone drastically wrong. I hope I can entertain you despite my obvious flaws. Like a nymphomaniac’s support group you should stick with me just in case a HELL of a lot of fun breaks out.

Finally, if you’re one of those people I owe money to you can burn in hell.

Spiteful Lars