Today's Evil Beet Gossip

Evil Saturday Links

Since I broke my foot and have no social life right now. Here are some links I found poking around the internet. Enjoy!

Evidently the way to celebrate a holiday in India is to get plastic surgery. [Washington Post]

Ashlee is totally stealing Jess’s thunder. Wow Jessica, you are ranked 4th. At least Paris isn’t #1. Go Ashlee Go! [E! Online]

Japanese men love kinky sex. Evidently this dude had to learn 200 Japanese slang terms for dirty deeds in Japan. I wonder if this gives the song “Turning Japanese” new meaning? [Page Six]

Demi Moore isn’t the only older woman who has bagged herself a boy toy. []

Behold, more photos of Katie Holmes and Chris Klein’s baby. Suri is actually really adorable. I just hope Katie doesn’t sacrifice her to the Uba Wooba Alien God of Scientology. [Just Jared]

When you mix an amazing play by Frank Wedekind with music by Duncan Sheik you get a kick ass new musical opening soon on Broadway. The “Spring Awakening” site has some awesome videos. If you are in New York in the next few months, go see it. (Pic above is from the show) [Spring Awakening] and []