Today's Evil Beet Gossip

Fashion Victim of the Week

So in the true spirit of The Evil Beet, I have decided every Friday to make fun of a celebrity’s fashion choices. I understand that Rachel Zoe will be to blame for most of these fashion blunders but don’t you girls own a mirror? Do you actually think you look good and people on the internet aren’t going to make fun of you?

To kick this off I have chosen Lindsay Lohan. I know…its a little old to make fun of her fuglyness but seriously it is just too fun. She used to be so cute, albeit a little misguided, but now its like Forever 21 has thrown up all over her. Sad that with all those designer clothes you just can’t seem to “make it work.” (I’m already missing Tim Gunn, but I digress).

Lindsay, ankle boots and knee socks and both a bath idea. Together they are just wrong…so wrong. This is not going to help your Oscar or husband hunting campaign. You kind of look like Elvira and I don’t think that was what you were going for.

Lets try for some winter white or pastels honey. Thanks, Love EvilT