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When Shanna Attacks

Paris Hilton is becoming something of a fixture at Hollywood Station. For the second time in as many months, the heiress made a late-night stop to the Los Angeles police station. This time, however, she was there voluntarily (her last visit was the result of a DUI) — Hilton filed a report against Shanna Moakler, alleging that the former Miss USA (and estranged wife of Paris’s latest boy toy, Travis Barker), punched her in the jaw at Hyde. (Paris’s precious jaw, for the record, looks a-okay in the video).

Moakler also made a trip to the station, alleging that Paris’s friend (and former flame) Stavros Niarchos poured a drink over her head at the club.

That’s right, folks. He allegedly poured a drink over her head. Niarchos’s family, for the record, is worth around $7.5 billion. Billion with a B. And he poured a drink over Miss USA’s head. I’ll give that some time to sit.

Remember when you actually had to be home during the day to watch soap operas unfold?