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Justin Bieber & Diplo’s New Video ‘Where Are U Now’ Is Weird

justin bieber

Justin Bieber is getting adventurous when it comes to his new music, so he’s teamed up with EDM douchebag Diplo and slightly awkward but really nice guy Skrillex for a new song called “Where Are U Now”. It’s a strange video but a pretty catchy song… not to mention it contains a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it shout out to Justin’s ex x 5,000 times, Selena Gomez!


OMGGGGGG… does this mean they will get back 2gether?! (Insert eye roll here.)

All sarcasm aside, I actually hate myself for how much I like this song, but hey, I’m not immune to a good beat. It’s really well-put together and a total bop, so don’t judge me (too harshly). Have a listen below if you haven’t already and let me know what you think because I need validation that I’m not going crazy by being so into this shit. I really wonder how this collaboration came about, because you know both Diplo and Sonny had dollar signs in their eyes when this collab was finalized. I mean, the video is already up to over 4 million views, which is not too shabby. That’s all Bieber fans, too.

Anyhow, have a listen below!

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Justin Bieber & Ruby Rose Are Friends, Of Course

justin bieber ruby rose

If you spend any time on the Internet, you’ll obviously know who Ruby Rose is. The Australian model/DJ/actress was a new addition to the Orange is the New Black cast for Season 3, and people have gone nuts for her. I haven’t actually watched the third season yet, so I can’t say anything either way about Ruby’s acting, but I can say that I’m already biased against her since everyone has been so obnoxious with the whole “I’d SO go gay for Ruby Rose!!!” and “Ruby Rose is the best new girl crush”-type posts/comments online. (I won’t get into the fact that you can’t “go gay” for someone… if you can see yourself having sex with someone of the same gender, you’re a little bit gay. If you’re just recognizing attractiveness, you’re a human being with eyes.) ANYWAY, that’s neither here nor there. Ruby is friends with Justin Bieber, apparently, and they look like twins!

It all started out like this:

Then, all of a sudden, they were hanging out in Vegas!


A photo posted by Ruby Rose (@rubyrose) on

A photo posted by Ruby Rose (@rubyrose) on

At first, I couldn’t even tell which one was Justin :( :( :(

This is all very strange, but that’s Hollywood for ya, I guess.

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Justin Bieber Pleads Guilty To Ontario ATV Assault

justin bieber selena gomez

Justin Bieber has shockingly managed to avoid getting into too much trouble in the past few months, but he’s still answering for everything he did during his tour of terror over the last year or two. Most recently, he pleaded guilty to a criminal assault case involving an ATV and a paparazzo in summer 2014.

From TMZ:

Justin appeared in a Canadian court via Skype. The singer was in the office of his lawyer, Howard Weitzman, when he pled guilty to simple assault and careless driving.

The incident went down in Ontario last summer, when Justin crashed his ATV into the minivan of a photog, who was taking pics of Justin and then-GF Selena.

The judge warned the Biebs, “The lesson in all of this is to think before you act in the future.”

The plea was a good deal for Justin. He has to pay a $750 fine and that’s it. There’s no jail, no probation. The whole thing goes away.

Bieber’s lawyer, Brian Greenspan, tells TMZ he worked with prosecutors to hammer out the deal, which he described as fair. He was quick to point out that no one was injured in the incident and the pap involved in the incident later pled guilty to trespassing.

Frankly, I’m kinda on Justin’s side on this one. Not because what he did wasn’t wrong (it was!) but because I honestly can’t imagine living that life where you can’t even enjoy time outside of “work” without being hounded by people who want to take your picture. I know, I know, it’s the life he chose and he gets millions for it, but I think any one of us would snap if we were in that position.

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Justin Bieber Has Officially Managed His Anger

justin bieber anger management

Remember how Justin Bieber received a visit from the karma fairy last year and was sentenced to anger management classes for egging his neighbour’s house? Well, give him his due – he actually turned up and went through with ti and now his anger has been deemed sufficiently managed, it seems.

From TMZ:

Bieber’s lawyers were in court Monday to show the judge he completed one of the two major terms of his plea deal – 12 anger management classes.

According to court docs, Bieber has also begun the process of completing 5 days of community labor — so far he’s put in two hours for the Volunteers of America, Los Angeles … where he worked at an emergency shelter.

Bieber’s lawyers say he’ll do the rest of his hours there, helping them with needed repairs.

The probation officer gave the Biebs a better than passing grade, saying he’s been cooperative and sincere.

He’ll remain on probation until 2016.

“Cooperative and sincere“, you say? Huh, that doesn’t sound like Justin at all! Maybe he HAS changed! (Except he totally hasn’t – but it’s nice to see he’s not breaking the law… for now.)

However, I have to say – considering Bieber was sentenced to these classes and his community service nearly a year again and has STILL only done 2 lousy hours is disgusting. His schedule isn’t that busy these days, sorry. If he can appear on The Ellen DeGeneres Show every other week, he can do his damn community service.

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Justin Bieber Hopes You “Felt The Sincerity” Of His Apologies

justin bieber hero

Justin Bieber is a changed man these days. He’s seen the error of his ways (despite the fact that nothing at all about his lifestyle has changed) and he’s ready to live life on the straight and narrow. He’s even issued a heartfelt apology to tell the world just how sorry he is for being a ding dong for so long. Did you hear his remorse? Did you feel the sincerity? Justin hopes so.

From Hero mag (via People):

“I hope people felt the sincerity in my apologies,” he says. “There are a lot of things that have happened in the last couple years that I’m not proud of and I feel a responsibility to my fans and to the public who believe in me to make it right … it was honest.” 

Okey doke. Whatever you say! Justin also talked about what fans can expect from his upcoming album:

“The biggest difference is that I’m older,” he says about his upcoming music, which is partly being produced by Kanye West and Rick Rubin. “I was 17 when I recorded most of my last album, and I’m 21 now. I’ve been through a lot in a public way, which gives me a much different perspective on things.” 

Adds the singer: “The creative process this time around is more personal … It’s amazing because I’m able to really work out anything I am feeling in my music.” 

I mean, with the big names he has working with him, I think it’ll actually be pretty good. Not in, like, a “Whoa, what an incredible music artist Justin Bieber has turned into!” but more of a “I’ll bump this in my headphones when I’m out walking the dog” kinda way.  I have no shame!!

But this kid still hasn’t changed at all – once a douche, always a douche. Well, generally speaking, anyway.

Also, LOL to these pics:

jb hero

jb hero


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Justin Bieber Got Put In A Chokehold At Coachella

justin bieber

Justin Bieber has been insisting that he’s a changed man for a while now. You see, he was just so misunderstood for the past couple of years! He hung around with the wrong people who didn’t have his best interest in mind, and he was just pretending to be someone he wasn’t to fit in, but all that’s behind him. He doesn’t want any trouble… only it seems to follow him wherever he goes, like Coachella. All he wanted was to watch Drake’s set from the VIP area and he left the place in a chokehold. Uh oh!

From TMZ:

Bieber and his entourage walked to the artist’s entrance where Drake was performing, when they were stopped by security and told the area was at capacity and they couldn’t come in. Bieber and his crew showed security they had the proper wristbands to gain entry.

Eyewitnesses tell TMZ, Bieber argued with security, saying there was no way he could stand in a big crowd because he’d get bombarded by fans. Security wasn’t having it and told him to leave.

We’re told Bieber persisted and said he was personally invited by Drake and had been waiting all weekend to see him perform. Bieber didn’t stand down and security was pissed.
At that point a Coachella staffer came up to Bieber and said she would escort him inside the artist’s area. She grabbed Bieber by the arm and began walking him and his security team inside, when Coachella security came up from behind and put Bieber in a chokehold.

Apparently Bieber’s team then got into it with Coachella staff and Bieber was asked to leave, though he says he voluntarily left and is considering pressing charges against the security there.

Also, I never thought I’d say this, but if this is indeed how things went down, I’m kind of on Bieber’s side. He had a pass and was being escorted through to a show he was invited to but security wanted to throw their weight around and be assholes to Bieber just because he is who he is. I sorta feel bad for him. What’s happening to me?! (That being said, he’s been still hanging out with Chris Brown, so he can fuck off with the “I’ve changed” bullshit.)

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Are Justin Bieber And Kendall Jenner Hooking Up At Coachella?


Justin Bieber, world-class douche, might be hooking up with Kendall Jenner. He posted photos on his Instagram of him getting cozy with the possible Calvin Klein model at Coachella. Maybe you’re not upset, but Beliebers are aghast, saying, “Noooo Kendall….”. See for yourself:



So if you want my take on it, I think they’re totally “hooking up”, as the kids say. Though Bieber and Jenner have previously been linked together, Bieber has, of late, been linked to one Ashley MooreBut who’s to say they’re not exclusive? Maybe he’s ~~playing the field~~. There are plenty of hapless women out there who would love some Biebs. I am not one of them, but they’re out there.

What do you think? (“I don’t give an eff” is a totally acceptable answer, FYI.)

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