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5 people got shot at a Chris Brown concert

chris brown

Chris Brown was performing at something called a “Capricorn Bash” birthday party at a nightclub in San Jose, California on Saturday night, when suddenly… Shit Went Down. Basically, five people got shot (all are expected to live) and Chris – who was mid-singing when the shots broke out – had a rather bizarre reaction:

Can I just say, if I heard gunshots mere yards from where I stood, I’d have been out of there so fast, your head would spin. I mean, he just flinches and looks on? Though I guess that’s standard when you’re a hardcore gangbanger and all.

Also, side note, but it seems all Chris can book these days is nightclub appearances… Why are people still paying to see this shithead?

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scott disick

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Joaquin Phoenix lied about his engagement on Letterman [Romance Beat]

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Let’s all pay more attention to Tom Hiddleston [Celebitchy]

We finally have a photo of Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher’s daughter Wyatt!

mila kunis ashton kutcher wyatt

Mila Kunis gave birth to her first child with Ashton Kutcher back in October, but so far, the details about the little one have been pretty minimal. It’s a little girl, and her name is Wyatt Isabelle. And now we have pictures! Pictures, I say!

Some Twitter user with the handle @cyruskstew posted the above photos, though it’s unclear how they got a hold of them in the first place, and it’s worth mentioning that Twitter has since removed them, probably because, you know, they weren’t made to be a professional photoshoot.

She is adorable, for sure, though – It’s hard to tell which of her parents she looks more like just yet, but she is cute, don’t you think?

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Justin Bieber threatens to sue over his small dick pictures

justin bieber

Last week, a site called Breathe Heavy apparently got a hold of some photos showing Justin Bieber before and after Photoshopping for his new Calvin Klein campaign. The comparison was hilarious – in the final product, his biceps were enlarged, his stomach chiseled more and most notably, his dick was made bigger. As in… it was doubled in size.

Of course, this did not go over very well with JB himself, whose manhood was gravely insulted. He immediately sprung into action, threatening a lawsuit which caused the site to retract the before pics. Here’s what they posted:

Team Bieber sent BreatheHeavy a cease and desist letter because of the alleged un-retouched Calvin Klein photo we posted, asking we remove the picture in question as well as provide a retraction.

Because BreatheHeavy is not about making anyone feel bad or intentionally stirring the pot (and are definitely not here for lawsuits), we shall retract the story per request.

Bieber denies the photo is real, and I respect that and will believe him.

SMH, right, right… Bieber also had his personal trainer give a statement on how big his junk is. Here’s what Patrick Nilsson, a grown ass man, actually told Access Hollywood:

“I can definitely confirm that he is a well-endowed guy,” Patrick told Access, explaining that Justin’s junk was not massaged or touched by Photoshop.

“I sound weird saying that, but yes,” he continued, not explaining how he discovered this juicy bit of personal Biebs info.

Wow. I must say, there’s no easier way to spot a dude with a small dick than by seeing a man so hell bent on proving just how big his is. Way to go, Bieber – you’ve just convinced everyone you’ve got a Lil’ Smokie in your shorts (and now I want to vomit even typing that).

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Beyonce is probably (possibly?) pregnant with her second child (for real this time)

beyonce pregnant

Beyonce can’t just do shit like a normal person, ever. She dropped her self-titled album without notice, she announced her first pregnancy with Blue Ivy while performing at the MTV VMAs… you get the drift. So why should we expect any more (less?) from Bey than to possibly announce a second pregnancy via an Instagram photo of herself at the beach, buried in sand with a giant belly?

There was no official announcement made (of course) and the photo didn’t even have a caption, but people are seriously losing their shit over this. The comments section is a madhouse you don’t even want to gaze upon lest it send you to your nearest insane asylum. I suppose we’ll have to wait and see if another Jay-Z/Beyonce offspring materializes.

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On another note, how delicious does this cake Blue Ivy had look? SOMEONE BRING ME THAT CAKE!

blue ivy cake

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2015 Golden Globes Fashion Post

Allow me to introduce you to Conchita Wurst, who held nothing back.

Allow me to introduce you to Conchita Wurst, who held nothing back.

It’s heeeeeere! The Golden Globes have arrived, and with it, celebrity fashion! So it’s time to take a peek at who wore what (and in some cases, why). I want you guys to help me out. Go through the looks and tell me who has the BESTWORST, and most WTF look of the night!


First, let’s take a look at our hosts for the evening, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. I’m not really sure what the hell is going on with either of them. I like the color of Ms. Poehler’s gown, but that’s about it. It looks almost too casual for the event. Fey’s is fancy enough, but oh man, it’s just weird. It’s like a cake that deflated in the oven. Sorry, ladies.

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Guess Who’s Going To Join Katy Perry At The Super Bowl Halftime Show?


Katy Perry is all set to play the Super Bowl halftime show, but she won’t be alone — she’ll have a special guest. Can you guess who it is? Hint: he loves scarves and is overhyped. No, I’m not talking about Steven Tyler. The answer lies here, from Forbes:

Following in the tradition of having super stars join the artist selected for Super Bowl halftime entertainment, Katy Perry announced at halftime of the AFC Divisional Playoff game featuring the Baltimore Ravens at New England Patriots today that Lenny Kravitz will join her as she headlines the Pepsi Super Bowl XLIX Halftime Show on NBC at University of Phoenix Stadium in Arizona on Sunday, February 1.

I am totally down with Ms. Perry being the Super Bowl halftime performer, like I’m down with it 100% (as long as she doesn’t bring this douche) but I gotta say, I’m not as psyched about Lenny Kravitz joining her. I think Mr. Kravitz, is, to put it plainly, lame as hell. I think his time is long over and I don’t get why anyone would consider him a big enough act to play at the Super Bowl, even as a guest.

But what do you guys think? Are you gonna go his way? (Sorry, couldn’t resist!)

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