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Melissa Rivers Is Suing Over Joan Rivers Death

melissa rivers joan rivers

The circumstances surrounding Joan Rivers‘ death were not only tragic, they were completely unprofessional and potentially avoidable. We all know by now that employees at Yorkville Endoscopy performed an unscheduled biopsy without permission while Rivers was unconscious, but there still have been no concrete answers on what the hell happened and how what should have been a somewhat routine procedure resulted in Joan’s death. Because of this, her daughter Melissa Rivers is suing.

As Melissa explained during an interview on The Wendy Williams Show, “I want to find out what happened. I need to know, I need answers. I’m angry.” 

I mean, look – I absolutely think there needs to be an investigation done into the circumstances surrounding Joan’s death and into the clinic in general, since clearly their staff is unprofessional and could easily place other clients in similar dangers. At the same time, I don’t know that suing for any kind of financial settlement is the way to get “answers” – it’s the way to get money.

Of course, the best thing that could come out of this is if Melissa took the money she will be awarded (because come on, they know they messed up) and put it into some kind of foundation for charities that Joan felt passionate about. Otherwise, it seems like it’s just more of a way to make money than it is about finding justice. I’m not making any accusations here because I don’t have opinions either way on Melissa Rivers as a human being, but I think the whole thing should be handled carefully and thoughtfully, for sure.

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Is ‘Sex And The City 3′ Actually Happening?

sex and the city 3

It’s always sad when people just can’t leave well enough alone, isn’t it? The first Sex and the City movie was a bit strange, but it was nice to see Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte again since we were all such big fans of the series. Then they made the second one and things went VERY rapidly downhill. The insane racism and just… ridiculousness was too much to bear, and I think everyone was grateful when the sequel left theatres and we could all just forget it ever happened. But there’s been chatter here and there about the possibility of a third movie… and it just might be happening, it seems. At least if Sarah Jessica Parker is anyone to go by.

SJP posted the above photo to her Instagram account this week, adding the following caption:

Well. I guess the cat’s out of the (little brown) bag.
As usual, we will keep you posted on every detail as we are able.
I’m under a strict gag order until then.
Xx, Sj
Oh, snap! That has to mean SATC is coming back again, right?! Well, not if you listen to E!’s Marc Malkin, who tweeted this not long after chatter began:

Never have I been more grateful for E!

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Kylie Jenner’s Family Is “Worried” About Who She’s Hanging Out With These Days

kylie jenner

Kylie Jenner is only 17, but she lives like a grown ass adult. She’s got an SUV of her own, a mansion of her own, an adult boyfriend of her own, and she doesn’t need any supervision. Well, she actually does NEED it, she just doesn’t have it. However, it seems like her recent escapades of being “high as fuck” on Snapchat have managed to shake some sense into her family, because they’re all said to be “worried” about her lifestyle and the people she’s spending time with these days.

From People:

According to a Kylie pal, her family doesn’t think she’s “out of control,” but “a few are worried” about her boyfriend Tyga’s influence on her. 

“A lot of Tyga’s friends are enablers,” the friend says. “That makes her mom the most nervous. She doesn’t want Kylie getting off track.” 

The 25-year-old rapper has been romantically linked to Kylie since September, and the two have kept their relationship “under wraps as much as possible for obvious reasons,” the friend says. “Her parents know she is going to date who she wants, but they are worried he will have a negative impact on her decision-making.” 

“She’s become a perfectionist because she feels like she needs to be just as sexy as her other siblings, specifically Kendall and Khloé,” the pal says. “She doesn’t feel inadequate next to them, but she’s willing to do whatever she can to herself to make her feel like she’s looked at by the public in the same way.” 

Kylie, who plans to move out into her own Calabasas mansion “the second” she turns 18, “is obsessed with the attention and knows that acting a little scandalous here and there will keep her in the spotlight,” the friend says.

This is what’s wrong with that entire family. Kylie is desperate to be looked at in the same way as Kim, but… no one respects Kim Kardashian. I’ve never met a single person who says anything positive about Kim that isn’t about the size of her ass, her boobs, or anything to do with her appearance. No one’s saying, “Wow, what an intelligent, perceptive and interesting human being!” when they talk about her or anyone in that family. That’s not something to aspire to, frankly, Kylie is 17 and should be in high school, getting an education so that when the public she’s busy pandering to finally gets tired of her try-hard family, she’s got something REAL to fall back on.

I’m not saying the girls can’t be proud of their appearances, or to use them to get further ahead in an industry where frankly looks are what matters. I’m saying that it’s a problem when there’s literally nothing else beneath that. If you’ve ever seen Kylie Jenner in moving/speaking form, you know she’s a living example of why “No Child Left Behind” was formed (and failed).

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Bradley Cooper Seems To Be Dating Irina Shayk

bradley cooper irina shayk

Bradley Cooper only called it quits with Suki Waterhouse a couple of months ago, and considering that their relationship actually lasted two years, you’d assume it might take him some time to process before he’s ready to move on. That’s not actually the case, however, as Bradley and model Irina Shayk have started “dating”, or whatever it is people in Hollywood actually do when they decide to get together.

They were hanging out in London most recently, going out to eat at Novikov before catching a cab. I doubt this is anything very serious, but good for BCoop for scooping himself a supermodel. As for Irina, I suppose Bradley’s an upgrade from Cristiano Ronaldo, so this could be good, even if it’s just rebound for them both.

Irina is pretty gorgeous, you must admit! Coop doesn’t do anything for me, but he seems like an alright guy, so let’s see how long this one lasts.

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Newsflash: Lindsay Lohan Is A Liar

lindsay lohan nyc

I know this is going to be a massive shock to you all, but it seems Lindsay Lohan has a serious problem with telling the truth. As in, she doesn’t do it. You know how Lindsay claimed on Monday that she was back in New York and getting started on her community service at that Brooklyn daycare because she was so “excited to help”? Turns out, she wasn’t actually in New York at all when she made her post to social media. She didn’t ACTUALLY turn up until Tuesday afternoon, meaning that’s two less days she’s been working on those 115 hours that need to be done in 15 days. Lovely.

From TMZ:

Lindsay Lohan told a BIG FAT LIE when she said she was back in New York on Monday and ready to do her community service — cause she was spotted arriving there on Tuesday!

Lindsay was seen getting dropped off at a hotel in the city — chauffeur driven with assistant in tow, of course. Our Lohan sources confirm … she just touched down on U.S. soil a few hours ago, which is bad for a couple of reasons.

First of all … legal matters. LiLo is clearly NOT at the Brooklyn daycare center where she’s supposed to be completing her remaining 115 hours of community service. Her deadline is May 28. Tick tock.

Secondly … on Monday morning she said, “Happy to be home in nyc with my family and friends” Now it’s clear she was still in London when she posted that on social media.

Lindsay has always been a liar – well, for as long as she’s been an addict, anyway. Don’t you remember how much she lied during her documentary series? She was full of constant excuses and lies about what she was doing, why she wasn’t doing the things she was supposed to do, etc. There’s no way this community service is getting done, and since the judge has pretty much promised to put out a warrant for her arrest if it’s not, things could get interesting!

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Does Ashley Olsen Have Lyme Disease?

ashley olsen

When I think of Lyme disease, for some reason what I generally think of – or who I generally think of, I should say – is Irene from The Real World Seattle season since she had it. Of course, I know that probably sounds weird as hell, considering, but the human brain is strange. There are so many other millions of people suffer from the awful disease… including Avril Lavigne and it seems… Ashley Olsen?

From The London Evening Standard:

Ashley Olsen has reportedly been diagnosed with Lyme Disease, just a few weeks after Avril Lavigne revealed that she was battling the same illness.

The fashion designer, 28, is thought to be in the later stages of the bacterial disease, which is usually contracted through tick bites.

Although the former child star is yet to speak out about the illness herself, a source close to the twins apparently told America’s OK Magazine: “She’s really sick. It’s gotten worse. She was diagnosed in the very late stages so early detection measures weren’t options for her. She’s really going through it.”

They added: “When she does come to work, she looks haggard and dishevelled. And she’s often moody. Ashley’s having a very rough time right now.”

Olsen, who runs successful fashion label, The Row, has reportedly been finding it difficult to carry on at work.

The insider added: “When she does come to work, she looks haggard and dishevelled. And she’s often moody. Ashley’s having a very rough time right now.”

Not to be an asshole or anything, but hasn’t “moody” and “haggard and dishevelled” sorta like… Mary-Kate and Ashley’s whole “thing” for years? Obviously if she’s seriously ill, that’s one thing, but this just sounds like tabloid fodder, for now. Hope she’s okay! Wouldn’t wish Lyme disease (or any illness, obviously) on anybody.

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Rachel McAdams Talks ‘True Detective’ Season 2

rachel mcadams marie claire

How great is Rachel McAdams? I just had to start out by saying that because I think she’s fantastic and pretty underrated (even though, you know, not really since she gets plenty of work). I don’t really know why I like her, but I do. Anyway, while she’s mostly spent her time on the big screen, next up we’ll be seeing her as one of the stars of True Detective Season 2. Vince Vaughn is in it as well, as is Colin Farrell, and it actually looks pretty good. Certainly seems like it won’t be as slow as the first season, and I’ll totally watch it.

Rachel is pumped to be playing the role of hard ass officer Ari Bezzerides and shared her excitement in the new issue of Marie Claire:

“I love that she’s not the girlfriend or the wife. She doesn’t really care what everyone thinks; she feels no responsibility for other people’s feelings. She’s not trying to be charming, which isn’t always the case with a leading lady. There’s [usually] sort of a responsibility to be a little bit likeable… Not that you want to be a horrendous character, just a little more human.”

Sounds good to me! The preview for Season 2 of True Detective is below, so tell me: Did you watch Season 1 and will you watch this one?

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