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Jason Priestley’s a Daddy!

Jason Priestley and Wife Picture, Photo, They Had a Baby Girl in July

Okay, am I the only person who never thought Jason Priestley was all that hot? I’m sorry, but Brandon Walsh never did anything for me. I was always a Dylan McKay girl, through and through. I mean, I guess I’d take Brandon over Steve Sanders every day of the week and twice on Sundays, but would definitely rather be wtih David Silver than either of them (but not as much as I’d want to be with Dylan). I’m rambling. To clarify, here are the primary male characters on Beverly Hills, 90210, in decreasing order of the desire I had to sleep with them in the mid-90s:

Dylan McKay
David Silver
Brandon Walsh
Steve Sanders

However, this has all changed radically today, as Luke Perry has not aged well, but Jason really has. Honestly, so has Ian Ziering. And Brian Austin Green hasn’t done bad for himself, either. It’s been really confusing for me. Sexually, I mean. It’s difficult to have your girlhood crushes tossed about like that. So here are the primary male actors on Beverly Hills, 90210, in decreasing order of the desire I have to sleep with them today:

Jason Priestley
Brian Austin Green
Ian Ziering
Luke Perry

Now that we have the important part of this story out of the way, I should tell you that Jason Priestley’s wife had a baby on July 2.

“She’s beautiful,” said Priestley. “It was like the second she came into the world, just everything changed.”

This is his first child, and he’s refusing to reveal her name.

The Spice Girls Have a Sixth Member: Their Therapist

Spice Girls Hire a Therapist to Go on Tour

The Spice Girls are celebrating female empowerment by hiring a therapist to help them work through their on-tour cattiness.

Record label Virgin has decided that they already saw this multi-million-dollar business go down in flames once because these chicks can’t keep their egos in check when you put them in the same room, and they’re gonna make damn sure they don’t watch it happen again. According to a source:

This tour will be massive and record bosses do not want anything getting in the way – least of all the girls themselves. They want Girl Power to come back in style, not end in arguments between the girls. So taking a therapist along to smooth out any problems makes sense.

The therapist will be available any time the girls need someone to talk to so that any disagreements do not get out of hand. It would be a disaster if any of them walked out mid-way through the tour.

They had a person like this at my middle school, too. Her name was Ms. Mitchell, and we had to go see her whenever we teased someone for having fat calves, or spilling food on themselves, or being in possession of a tampon. Then I got to high school, and we didn’t really have a person like that anymore, because we didn’t really have catty, retarded fights anymore. And now I’m twenty-five and I work in a large corporate office with dental and vision benefits and they definitely don’t have a person like that because it turns out we’re all adults making a fair amount of money to do a relatively easy job and if we have issues with one another we work it out like adults, even when it sucks and our egos get a little bit bruised. How nice for the Spice Girls that they’re not expected to do anything like that.

Links Links Links

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Amy Winehouse is on a concert-cancellation bender. I’m guessing there’s also some liquor involved. [Agent Bedhead]

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Daniel Radcliffe has absolutely no problem banging groupies who only want to sleep with him because he’s famous and not because they genuinely care about the person he is inside. [Cele|bitchy]

Kim Stewart and Calum Best?

Kimberly Stewart Dating Lindsay Lohan’s Ex-Boyfriend Calum Best

Ah, D-list love.

Perhaps Kim Stewart was dissatisfied with the level of press coverage she was getting from porking Tommy Lee, or perhaps she was acting on orders from Paris Hilton, who was quietly managing to ruin Lindsay Lohan’s life even while waging war on jail recidivism rates by creating transitional housing for former female inmates having her hair extensions dyed. Or maybe these two just share that special bond two people inevitably forge when they’re both famous for absolutely nothing.

Whatever the reason, Kimberly Stewart and Calum Best were spotted leaving Il Sole together on Friday night, and the buzz on the street is that they were there on a date. Make of it what you will.

UCLA Student Gets Paris Hilton’s Old Phone Number

UCLA Student Gets Paris Hilton’s Old Cell Phone Number

It is such a slow news day that the L.A. Times ran a piece on the young lady who inherited Paris Hilton’s most recently discarded cellular telephone number.

Shira Barlow had her new cellphone number for only two days when the flood of calls began.

Birthday wishes, inquiries about locations for “in” parties, requests to get on guest lists at the hottest Los Angeles nightclubs.

Most of the calls were placed between 2 and 4 a.m. on weekends. Some were annoying. Many involved slurred words.

So what sort of juicy details do you learn when you’re the possessor of Paris Hilton’s old phone number? Nothing, really, because anyone who Paris actually gives a shit about already had her new number. Instead, you’re primarily hearing from hangers-on and brown-nosers.

Barlow was at her internship at a Westside production company May 4 when Hilton was sentenced to jail.

In short order, calls and texts that previously inquired about parties and nightclubs were replaced by dozens expressing their condolences.

“People were scared for her,” Barlow said.

The phone traffic trailed off when Hilton entered jail, even during her brief release to home detention.

But with Hilton now free again, a new crop of communiques is flooding Barlow’s telephone.

There was Hilton’s former bodyguard who sent his love.

A girlfriend called to commiserate and lend support. Barlow told the caller she had received good wishes from dozens of people.

Text messages also expressed love. “It’s disgusting how they treated you in there, but once again you have showed the world that you can do anything,” one wrote. Said another: “I’m so proud of you.”

“I hope you’re enjoying Maui,” one of the messages read Wednesday.

Ms. Barlow took it upon herself to text some of those people back with “thanks so much,” because she thought Paris would appreciate it.