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11Snoop Dogg Gets No Love From the Brits


Britain really, really doesn’t want Snoop Dogg in their country.

Britain’s Border Agency said Friday it would appeal a court’s decision to reverse an earlier ruling that had banned Snoop Dogg from entering the country after the rapper and his entourage started a fight at Heathrow Airport in April 2006.

He and five others were arrested at Heathrow on charges of violent disorder for instigating a brawl in a nearby duty-free shop after their 30-person posse was denied entry into British Airways’ first-class lounge because not everyone in the group was holding first-class tickets. Seven officers were injured in the melee.

I’m sure it all seemed very cute and unimportant at the time, but Britain didn’t feel that way. They banned Snoop from entering the country, and it meant he had to cancel a British Isles tour with Diddy, so now he’s looking to make it all better.

“Snoop and his team are mystified at the decision and are hoping that the British government will reconsider this decision,” says his rep. “He has asked how he can help rectify the situation and would happily talk to and give assurances to the officials.”

Snoop is also currently banned from Australia, where their prime minister said that “he doesn’t seem the sort of bloke we want in this country.”

Heh. It does kind of seem like Britain’s making an unfair example of him, but I can’t say I blame them. Like, it’s neither cute nor badass to start fist fights in international airports in a post-9/11 world. You have to be pretty fucking dumb to pull that crap. Save that shit for the playground, boys.

Like even this photo — which was taken at his album release party in late March — kind of pisses me off. I know you have a reputation to protect, Snoop, but you also have children of your own, and you’re actively glorifying gun violence by wearing that necklace. I know you rap about much worse shit, and you absolutely have that right, in much the same way you absolutely have the right to wear that necklace, but really? Do you have to? You’re 36 years old now. Doesn’t it ever just get exhausting to define yourself with violence?

April 5, 2008 at 3:02 am by Evil Beet
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24Wait! There Are Consequences for Appearing on Trashy Reality TV?

Bethenny Frankel, Pictures, Photos

I never watched Real Housewives of Orange County. Actually, I should amend that statement: I once watched about 10 minutes of Real Housewives of Orange County, and then made it a point to never watch it again, in much the same way one makes it a point to never mix bleach and ammonia in a closed room.

But I guess one of the show’s “stars,” Bethenny Frankel, is dating some dude named Jason Colodne, and his hoity-toity New York-based private equity firm, Patriarch Partners, is firing his ass, allegedly for appearing on the show. Jason’s suing them to the tune of $55M for firing him without cause.

Says a lawyer for the company: “I’m suggesting that one of the reasons for his absences in the office was because he was filming a tawdry show. They found out he was on the show when promos ran. He’s on a show and never mentioned it. Any other company would have fired him on the spot. He also was not performing or bringing in new deal flow.”

But an inside source says that “he cannot be on television because the firm is very private.”

I’ve included here a photo of Bethenny, because I couldn’t find any of Jason. Bethenny reminds me of this girl I once knew who did a lot of meth, and used to slash tires in parking lots just because. That girl scared me, and so does Bethenny. Anyone who looks at this woman and thinks “Yes, this is what I want to wake up to in the morning” is actually probably perfectly suited to work in private equity.

April 5, 2008 at 2:42 am by Evil Beet
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14I Can’t Believe the Scarlett Johansson Album Still Isn’t a Joke

Scarlett Johansson Anywhere I Lay My Head Tom Waits Album Cover Art, Pictures, Photos

I keep waiting for her to go on The Today Show or something and be all like, “Ha, fooled ya! You didn’t actually think I was releasing an entire fucking album of Tom Waits covers, did you? Ahhh ha ha ha ha ha! You people will fall for anything these days.”

Instead of doing that, though, she’s releasing the album’s cover art.

The album, Anywhere I Lay My Head, is scheduled for a May 20 release. This cover photo was taken in Louisiana, where the album was recorded.

This is so, so weird. It’s as if I were like, “Hey, guys, I’m going to write a book. What I’m going to do is take all of Walt Whitman’s poems and rewrite them in my voice. I’m calling it Leaves of Ass. It’s gonna be awesome.”

Like, why you gotta be so weird, Scarlett?

April 5, 2008 at 2:22 am by Evil Beet
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6Still in the Clubs


Leggings Lohan hit up Dominics on Friday night, and left in a car driven by Samantha Ronson.

Lindsay and SamRo have been hanging out a lot lately, but Lindsay is always very careful not to be photographed with her. They leave separately, and then, when Samantha pulls the car around, Lindsay covers her face until they drive away. Smart girl. And smart of her not to drive herself. Dumb of her to be drinking, though.

Check out her nails. Craziness. And what the hell is in her hand? Looks like a plastic baggie of some sort. Hm.

Lindsay Lohan Crazy Nails and Baggie, Pictures, Photos

April 5, 2008 at 2:09 am by Evil Beet

16A Done Deal


Congratulations to Beyonce and Jay-Z, who tied the knot on Friday night at a loft in TriBeCa.

It’s about time! I hope you crazy kids can make it last.

Does this mean a Beyonce baby is soon to come?

April 5, 2008 at 2:02 am by Evil Beet
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14Why I Didn’t Run the “Naughty” Sarah Larson Photos


Because, as much as I hate the girl, she’s not doing anything wrong in them. She’s not even naked for chrissake. She’s behaving like a run-of-the-mill twenty-something goofing around with her friends. There are 20,000 photos out there of me doing the same shit. In fact, there are plenty of photos of me out there doing worse shit. Just track down my Facebook page. Or MySpace. And it’s not something I’m embarrassed about or I hide because, ya know, I’m not doing anything wrong. I’m behaving like a single, childless twenty-something who hits the clubs or the beach and gets crazy with her girlfriends, because, like, it’s fun and normal and healthy to do that. I dunno, I guess I thought the story was kind of boring. I’m waiting for that little whore to cheat on George with, like, John Mayer. Those are the photos I’m waiting for.

But if you care, the whole set is here.

April 5, 2008 at 1:52 am by Evil Beet
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