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Is This the New “It” Couple?

Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz seem to be the new hot “Young Hollywood” couple. Checking out some pics on Wireimage you can see…

Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz Host a Party at Angels and Kings – April 30, 2007
Ashlee and Pete Angels and Kings

Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz Sighting in Midtown Manhattan – April 30, 2007
Ashlee and Pete Manhattan

That day Pete Wentz was also on TRL. People are obsessed with this weird couple and to be perfectly honest I think that they are just weird.

I guess its is the combo of too much plastic surgery, tanning and eyeliner that is making the crowds go wild. To me they seem like one of those boring couples that likes to talk about how cool indie bands are, smoke weed and wear eachother’s pants.

American Doll Posse Drops Today


I mean, for the eight of you who haven’t already downloaded it since it leaked a couple weeks ago, or who haven’t caught the free streaming version on Tori’s MySpace page, today’s the day you are fully entitled to spend money for this album! WOO HOO!!

In typical superfuckingcrazy Tori-style, the album revolves around the voices of four separate women: Santa, Clyde, Pip and Isabel. And to put a modern spin on the superfuckingcraziness, Tori has given all four of these women blogs. On four different blogging platforms. Including Tagworld. I know, I know. And if that alone makes your head kind of explode, you should try actually reading them.


To celebrate the release of ADP, Tori will be performing tonight at a secret location in NYC’s Times Square from 7-9pm. If you’re one of the first 80 people to purchase ADP from Barnes and Noble Union Square location, you’ll get admission for one to the event.

Boy George Hits People


LONDON, England (Reuters) — British singer Boy George was arrested and released on bail after a 28-year-old man accused the former Culture Club frontman of “false imprisonment and common assault.”

Now I don’t know what “common assault” is. Maybe it’s when you don’t channel the creative when beating on someone. But “false imprisonment” sounds a whole lot like that movie Misery or the guy with the lotion and the hose. In other words, not so good.

Boy’s not worried though. See?

His brother Kevin was quoted by the NME music magazine as saying that George was not annoyed and found the allegations “hilarious”.

I do find it a little funny that Boy George’s bro is named Kevin. Can you imagine the party introductions?

“Ah yeah, I’ve got couple people I’d like you to meet. This is Boy George, you might remember him from the Karma Chameleon thing. And this is his brother Kevin. Kevin and Boy, meet Melinda.”

But I for one don’t find these allegations “hilarious” in the slightest. If you imprison someone, and it’s false style, you’re asking for trouble boy (Boy).

Late-Night Links

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