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Viacom Hates Free Publicity

Media giant Viacom is suing YouTube, and its new parent company, Google, for copyright infringement, to the tune of $1 billion-with-a-B, after negotiations toward creating a partnership between the two groups fell apart. Viacom wants the courts to issue an injunction preventing YouTube from further copyright infringement while the case is pending.

For their part, the Google folks are “confident that YouTube has respected the legal rights of copyright holders and believe the courts will agree.”

I, for one, don’t see how that’s possible, but what do I know? Man, this sort of thing never would have happened when YouTube was an independent company with zilch on the balance sheet. Damn you, Google.

Lindsay Lohan is Eating All the Leftovers


Oh, Lindsay, Lindsay. Where would we be without you? I know things are rough for you, what with you father being released from prison in, like, two hours, but do you really have to take your inner fear out on all the other women of Hollywood?

Lindsay’s prepping to head for London to film a new movie, The Best Time of Our Lives (co-starring Keira Knightley), and decided to get all her NYC (“sober”) partying out of her system beforehand. On her to-do list: DJ AM, recently split from Mandy Moore, and Jude Law, the on-again-off-again boyfriend of Sienna Miller. Lindsay partied with the two of them until the wee hours of the morning this weekend. Her mom Dina was at her side throughout, probably because she knows her daughter can score the best blow in town.

Brooke Shields Gets Stuck


In a gossip world defined by an unending series of rehab entrances and exits, suicides and divorces, it’s refreshing to come across a plain old-fashioned Brooke-Shields-got-stuck-in-her-trailer piece. Shields was in New York, filming Lipstick Jungle for NBC (based on a novel by Sex and the City columnist Candace Bushnell), when she and her two young daughters somehow became locked in her trailer. Crew members could not pry open the front door of her trailer, so one climbed through the window to rescue the ladies.

Brit Hits Up Another Meeting


Britney attended another Promises field trip to an AA meeting tonight — this time the 7:30 pm speaker meeting in Pacific Palisades. The paparazzi were right there to film her when she left, although they don’t have footage of her showing up. This pretty much means they weren’t tipped off by a staffer at Promises, because a staffer would have given them enough of a heads-up for them to get there when she pulled up — they were tipped off by one of Britney’s fellow rehabbers (who don’t find out what meeting they’re going to until they’re actually in the van) or someone in the meeting. And, since I’m guessing the other folks at Promises aren’t allowed to take cell phones on field trips, it was probably someone in the meeting. This particular meeting is an open meeting — meaning that you don’t have to identify as an alcoholic to attend — so anyone could have been there. I know the tabloids have folks scouting out the AA meetings in L.A. like crazy lately. Strangely enough, no one’s got any new footage of Lindsay Lohan at one. Maybe her dad will start dragging her to them when he gets out of jail tomorrow morning.

brit_aa2.jpg brit_aa3.jpg brit_aa31.jpg brit_aa4.jpg

Late-Night Links

Angelina Jolie may have barely escaped a supposed third-world plot to kidnap her and extort a ransom while working as a UN Goodwill Ambassador, but she’ll never escape the consequent positive publicity. Poor dear. [The Blemish]

Students at Oprah’s free South African boarding school are faced with the difficult choice between rape and junk food. I know, I know. It seems like a no-brainer. But think about Milk Duds, people. [IBBB]

Thank God Paris Hilton’s nipples are visible in this outfit. It means you don’t have to think too much about the skirt. [Yeeeah]

I am obsessed with this Claire Danes/Patrick Wilson GAP commercial, and now I want to buy Boyfriend Trousers. I am so easily brainwashed by a cute commercial. [popbytes]

Paris Hilton’s record label plans to drop her. Paris Hilton had a record label? Oh, yeah, right. Back when she was a “singer.” [Buzznet]

Sienna Miller is drunk, if you can believe that. [Gossip or Truth]

Awww … Shiloh Jolie-Pitt is making her acting debut in Papa Pitt’s latest film. This is great. She’s not going to turn out like the Olsen twins at all. No way. [Cele|bitchy]

Sweet Jesus, Suri Cruise only has four fingers. Like, seriously, the kid is missing an entire finger. This is what happens, people, when you create a baby from the 20-year-old frozen sperm of L. Ron Hubbard. Four fingers. [POTP]

Antonella Barba’s not planning to return to school right away, in order to “strike while the iron’s hot,” which means I can no longer effectively argue that everything Antonella Barba has ever decided to do is stupid. [Ninja Dude]

Tomorrow is Michael Lohan Gets Out of Jail Day. Get Excited!


Prepare yourself, America.

Tomorrow morning, at 9 a.m., Lindsay Lohan’s father Michael will emerge from prison and once again become an active member of our society and, if possible, an even bigger thorn in our darling Lindsay’s side. It’s unfair, I suppose, to imply that he was not useful while in prison, as he was clearly hard at work creating tabloid prison art and, apparently, becoming an ordained minister, ready to “make amends for his past mistakes.” Sounds like someone wandered into a prison AA meeting.

But this is not the last you’ll hear of Michael Lohan, because he will now resume filming on the reality show, tentatively titled “Hollywood Dad,” that he had been filming before he was sentenced to all that stupid jail stuff where they don’t allow reality TV cameras. I am way, way excited about this. I hope there’s lots of crazy holier-than-thou religious discussion and ultimately lots of tequila shots, a bar fight, and a return to prison. Preferably all within a week or so.

They tried so, so hard to capture the total demise of a man in the spotlight with Breaking Bonaduce, but the sonofabitch survived. They tried again with Being Bobby Brown, but he’s still alive and kicking. I think they figure that, with Michael Lohan, they’ve finally got their man.

[Thanks to FishbowlLA for the heads-up]

Betting on Heather Mills’ Leg


I know this is in poor taste, but Heather Mills keeps talking about her leg falling off when she is competing in “Dancing With the Stars” and it keeps making me laugh.

Talking with Extra, Mills said, “It’s very very unlikely my leg’s going to fly off even though it would be quite funny to knock one of the judges out.”

Because of all of this leg talk, has started to take bets on if the leg will or will not fall off in competition. They made “no” a heavy favorite and the rules stipulate that the leg “must fall off, not be purposely taken off, during a dance routine for all Yes wagers to be graded a win.”

Omg! Can you even imagine if she took her leg off on purpose during a dance? It is going to be interesting to see how long she lasts on the show. I don’t know if she is too popular with Beatles fans but I think she is a great role model for those who are disabled. If she dances well, she will be able to show those out there who are suffering from disabilities like hers that they too can ballroom dance.

I’m glad she’s allowed us to laugh at this, because otherwise, if her leg did fall off and it gave me a chuckle I would feel really bad.