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27“Shut Up and Eat Your Cheetos!”

Update: Photo removed because it violated some manner of copyright blah blah blah. Sorry.

Jesus, Angelina.

Do you really want another?

You know, if you feel like it’s too much, you could just have the baby and then put it up for adoption in Africa. How much fun would that be??? There are plenty of needy African families who would know exactly what to do with a beautiful white baby.

March 17, 2008 at 5:45 pm by Evil Beet
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201The Kristen Davis Sex Tape?

Kristen Davis Sex and the City Porn Tape Naked Oral Sex Blow Job Sucking Dick Tits Breasts, Pictures, Photos

So word on the street is that Kristen Davis has a sex tape that’s getting ready to hit the World Wide Web. Yeah, that’s right: Charlotte York made a sex tape.

Apparently an ex-boyfriend of hers sold some stills from the video to You need to have access to the members area to get all the shots, and I refuse to do that, but I’ll certainly post what I come across here.

Interesting timing, considering the Sex and the City movie will be hitting theaters soon. If they even think about calling this sex tape Oral Sex and the City, I’m suing someone for total lack of creativity.

Are these real? Photoshopped? Is Kristen Davis in for a wild sex scandal ride?

You decide.

NSFW photos are after the jump.

Update: Photos removed upon request.

March 17, 2008 at 5:36 pm by Evil Beet
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10Would You Really Be Okay If Your Kid Was Gay?

Ryan Seacrest on Cover of Details Magazine, Pictures, Photos

‘Nuff said.

I can’t stop laughing.

March 17, 2008 at 4:37 pm by Evil Beet
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52Are You Offended By the Photo of LeBron James on the Cover of Vogue?

LeBron James and Gisele Bundchen on the Cover of Vogue

So Vogue magazine has, for the first time in its history, featured a black man on its cover (in fact, they’ve only had three men total on their cover ever). That man is basketball superstar LeBron James, pictured with supermodel Gisele Bundchen.

The photo has writers and bloggers up in arms.

Say the girls at Jezebel: LeBron “seems to be embodying ugly stereotypes about black men: The wild, savage, white-woman-obsessed beast.”

And over at Feministe, they’re saying that “I see a scary animalistic black man, a primal scream, and a beautiful white woman. Google image King Kong for a comparison.”

I dunno. Personally, I don’t see a problem with this image, but, personally, I’m not black. Gisele doesn’t look particularly concerned to be there (as the girl does in the King Kong image), and LeBron looks like an athlete about to kick some ass. Why do we see a world-class black athlete looking like he’s ready to throw down and think to ourselves “That’s an animalistic black man” rather than “That’s a fierce athlete”? Why is he a black man first and an athlete second? For chrissake, the guy has a basketball, not a switchblade. If that were Jason Kidd, no one would be all like “Oh look at the brutality of the white man,” they’d be like, “Oh, yeah, that basketball dude’s on the cover of Vogue. Gisele’s face looks fat. Wanna go to the mall?”

All the fuss surrounding this photo, to me, is just further evidence of racism.

I thought it was way more offensive when they used that horrendous photo of Jennifer Hudson. I think the big fuss is just because it’s the cover of Vogue, and Vogue has not exactly been known historically for embracing, ya know, other races.

What do you guys think?

Offensive? Yes or no?

LeBron James and Gisele Bunchen Inside Vogue Magazine, Pictures, Photos

March 17, 2008 at 4:23 pm by Evil Beet

4In Case You Hadn’t Noticed, Ben Affleck’s Voting for Barack Obama


Bennifer II — that is, Ben Affleck and Jen Garner, hosted a fundraising event for Barack Obama on Sunday in Ben’s home town of Boston.

Affleck said he and his wife were just doing “their part for society,” which isn’t at all heavy-handed and obnoxious, but whatever.

You know, sometimes Ben Affleck annoys the fuck out of me, but I’ll tell you what I do like about him: he’s a rehab success story. After being a total drunkie for awhile, he got his ass to rehab, cleaned up, and stayed the fuck sober. And now he’s all involved in politics and shit. Which is, you know, annoying, but, still. Good for him. I’m really waiting for Lindsay Lohan to pull this shit. She’s a smart girl, and I can just see her, somewhere along the line, being all sober and preaching politics to us. It’ll be annoying, too, but in a really cute way.

March 17, 2008 at 2:17 pm by Evil Beet


Britney Spears and Josh Radnor on the Set of How I Met Your Mother, Pictures, Photos

Here’s the first shot of Britney on the set of How I Met Your Mother, with Josh Radnor.

Brit’s episode will air on March 24.

Which is also my birthday.

Oh, happy birthday to me!

March 17, 2008 at 2:06 pm by Evil Beet
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