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Gawker Editor Emily Gould Gets Her Ass Handed to Her by Jimmy Kimmel


This is painful to watch. Honestly, it hurts. Watch as Gawker editor Emily Gould gets ripped to shreds by Jimmy Kimmel, standing in for Larry King. (It doesn’t seem to be embeddable, and I can’t say I blame them. Props to Em for putting it up at all.) Jimmy takes her to task for their “Gawker Stalker” maps, which are probably the coolest fucking thing in the world, and which have been copied by plenty of different websites. One such map accused Kimmel of being drunk, when he was, in fact, walking home with his aunt after a one-year-old’s birthday party (?). And how terribly unfair of Gawker, then, to insinuate that a man who once hosted a show entirely about chugging beer and ogling women might, in fact, be inebriated. What has Kimmel done to deserve such misunderstanding?

Page Six, absolutely fucking gleeful to watch their nemesis go down in flames, managed to take a break from their Gawker-got-called-out happy dance to pen a scathing and totally unnecessary item about the flogging today. It’s really fair how Page Six brands Gould’s defense of herself and her employer as “haughty.” You know, you never hear that term used with a man. A male talking head in the same situation would have been “striking back,” “aggressive,” or even just “explaining himself.” Emily Gould? She’s “haughty.” Fuck that. I watched the tape. She wasn’t haughty, she was sticking up for herself. There was nothing haughty about Gould in that interview.

In fairness, Gould was clearly not expecting or prepared for this line of questioning. She handled herself well under the circumstances, but she could have prepped more thoroughly. She was blind-sided, that much clear by her face, and someone more experienced would have responded more calmly.

Kimmel makes the statement to Gould that he doesn’t “know why anyone would buy advertising on a website.” As Gawker points out later that day, perhaps Kimmel ought to ask the marketing folks at Jimmy Kimmel Live why anyone would buy advertising on a website, as the show recently bought ads on both Egotastic and The Superficial. Cute.

I dunno, I lost a lot of respect for Kimmel after watching this. He was in a bad mood, and I suppose he was trying to prove he could do “serious” television, and he really ought to have picked on someone his own size. His points don’t hold up. Celebrities these days know what celebrity means. You went to those auditions, Jimmy. Walked there with your own damn feet. You pitched those shows. You wanted to be a big star. You wanted people to write about you. People write about you now, Jimmy. Take the good with the bad, asshole. The Man Show did those candid segments that fucked with real people’s lives. I bet they didn’t all think it was as funny as you did. Oh, and remember how you left your wife of 14 years, with whom you had two children, for Sarah Silverman? Just checking, Mister Morality. Stick to sports and drinking beer and ogling women, Jimmy.

Joe Francis Arrested, World is Safer


Girls Gone Wild creator Joe Francis has fallen rapidly from “show us your tits” to “show us your hands,” as the 34-year-old disgusting jackass was picked up at the Panama City airport this morning on a warrant seeking his arrest for for criminal contempt of court. Francis was supposed to turn himself in by noon on Thurdsay, but he totally didn’t, because he’s a spoiled piece of crap who thinks he doesn’t have to play by anyone else’s rules or, you know, respect anyone else under any circumstances. Francis claims he was on his way to turn himself in this morning (albeit five days late), but airport authorities recognized him and arrested him.

Yesterday, Francis appeared on Fox News to tell Geraldo Rivera that “I’m not trying to hide at all. I’m on my way to Florida right now to turn myself in and comply with the judge’s order. I would never run from justice. I would never not comply with a judge’s order.” However, Francis did not turn himself in on Monday, and, by that afternoon, neither he nor his lawyer could be contacted.

Francis was sentenced to jail time for contempt of court by a judge after he launched into a three-minute profanity-laced diatribe during mediation on March 21 of this year. The mediation was an attempt to settle a suit filed in 2003 against Francis by seven underage girls who say they were victimized when Girls Gone Wild filmed them in sexual situations. Or, perhaps more accurately, the suit was filed by their fathers. Regardless, the judge felt Francis was not taking the mediation seriously — particularly when he revoked an agreed-upon settlement — and sentenced him to jail for contempt of court.

Can you get life in jail for contempt of court? I sure hope so, because that’s how long Joe Francis ought to stay far, far away from civilized people.

S-Jo Working Her Way Through Planet Earth


Scarlett Jo (full last name withheld due to possible spelling errors) is maybe possibly dating someone new.

People Magazine is all over it!

Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds spent a busy weekend in New York City together. On Saturday night, the pair were seen getting close at the Manhattan restaurant Odeon. “They were in a good mood,” says one eyewitness who saw them laughing and smiling. “They were definitely holding hands,” says another observer. “They were a cute couple!”

Hey there observer, you watch yourself. I’ll be the judge as to whether they are a cute couple. Okay, I’ve decided. They’re not.

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X17 Makes a Pretty Good Point

This afternoon, the paparazzi agency posted an open letter to AOL/Time Warner and all the folks behind on their blog. TMZ links to Mario Lavandeira’s (aka Perez Hilton) blog automatically in their Hot Links section. While I adore TMZ, X17 makes the fair point that TMZ’s parent company, AOL Time Warner, has, in other contexts, appeared to be very concerned about piracy, but their TMZ property doesn’t seem concerned at all.

In fairness, TMZ links to a variety of blogs that use pirated images, present company included. Why is X17 focusing on Lavandeira? Well, probably because he’s making more $$ off it than anyone else, and also because he’s been asked repeatedly to strike a deal with X17 and refuses. Lord knows he can afford it; he’s currently charging $1200/week for a Blogad at the bottom of the page. Ads at the top go for $9,000/week. He also manages to get his hands on their photos before they even finish distributing them to magazines — I think he still probably has a friend or two at that celeb weekly he used to work for in Florida … It’s driving the kids at X17 fucking crazy.

Anyway, interesting open letter, reprinted after the jump without permission.

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Dannielynn Paternity Results Expected Tomorrow

I have no idea why I’m running this story. Maybe because everyone else is running it. It’s like the night before the Oscars, when everyone’s running these “It’s the Night Before the Oscars” stories and it doesn’t really matter because the decisions have been made and are sitting in an envelope at PricewaterhouseCoopers and the only thing that could possibly make the whole mess interesting is if somehow Talladega Nights won Best Picture as a write-in candidate. I think everyone kind of knows Larry Birkhead is the daddy right now. Even Howard K. Stern is starting to backpedal. Personally, I hope something more exciting happens. I hope, like, the Broward County Medical Examiner happened to have, say, Matt Lauer’s DNA on file, and the kid turns out to be his. I want it to be something like that.

Maybe we should liveblog the Dannielynn paternity revealing. Do you think the whole thing will be televised? Probably. Lars, you want this one?

Anyway, we’ll get the results of the DNA testing tomorrow. We’ll keep you posted around here.

Lindsay Lohan Sure Does Love That Foreigner T-Shirt

lindsay_sushi1.jpg lindsay_sushi.jpg lindsay_foreigner6.jpg lindsay_foreigner5.jpg lindsay_foreigner7.jpg lindsay_foreigner3.jpg lindsay_foreigner2.jpg lindsay_foreigner1.jpg lindsay_foreigner.jpg

She paired it with white shorts while hanging out in Beverly Hills during the day of April 2. That night, she switched to black shorts and two different jackets to hit up Hyde and Winston’s. Then, at night on April 3, she hit up a sushi joint in Hollywood wearing that shirt with jeans and a sweater.

She also seems to be pretty into the handcuff theme. Note the handcuffs hanging off her rear-view mirror and the fact that she has two identical handcuff necklaces, one in silver and one in gold. In the sushi pics, she is wearing the silver one, with the gold one attached to the bottom of her t-shirt.