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It Has Occurred to Paris Hilton That There Are More Horrendous Things Than Falling Off a Motorcycle on the Red Carpet


Former Paris BFF Kim Stewart apparently has a new column on TMZ, and I love that it’s juxtaposed with the latest pic of Paris sobbing as she’s hauled off to court. And this isn’t one of Paris’s “oh I’m so sad poor me take my picture” faces; she’s genuinely upset. Meanwhile: PARTYING WITH POSH!

Friday Music

I just did a music one yesterday, but this one is much more fun for your Friday.

It’s a band called The Format with their song “The First Single.” Oddly the video is for a Blur song, but of all the videos I looked at this one was the coolest to watch. And if I know you at all I know you’re about cool.

Enjoy it my pretties.

Fashion Victim of the Week

Brian Friedman

Brian Friedman is seen here at his birthday party. I understand that gay men are supposed to be a little more fabulous than the common folk but he really is taking it to another level. The scarf is an interesting little piece of flair but what really gets me is the silver boots with the white suit.

When I look through unfortunate fashion mistakes I always wonder who looks at these people and goes, “Damn, you look amazing.”

Brian will most likely be featured soon on “So You Think You Can Dance” and though he is not very good at dressing himself he is very good at choreography.

Remember When?


Want something a little sexier than this?

Be sure to check out our nip slip gallery and our upskirt/labia slip gallery.

Last night I watched “Mean Girls” for the first time in a while and I was struck by something…Lindsay Lohan used to be so naturally beautiful. She has a smoking body in the movie and is lovely and fresh-faced.

I was actually a Lohan fan after this movie and since then her professional and personal life has really tanked. I think she is a cautionary tale for all those young cute celebrities. No matter how young you are hard living is going to age you.

If something works don’t fix it.

Perez on “Paris Watch”


Perez Hilton is a bit boring but he is really on the ball when it comes to Paris’s “will-she-or-won’t-she” show up at the court watch.

Right now helecopters are flying over Paris’s house waiting for her to come outside.

A police car is waiting outside of Paris Hilton’s house to give her a ride to the court ASAP.

She is still inside as of 10:05 A.M. Pacific.

Earlier this moments, her hair and makeup people were seen entering the home.

So Paris is waiting for her people to make her up before she goes out in public. I want them to throw her skinny ass back in jail for 40 days. She was actually thinking of throwing a party and now is getting primped before facing the paparatzzi.

Throw her in jail! I’m guessing a lot of people get anxious and can’t eat when they enter PRISON.

Methinks that Cathy Hilton gave somebody a “gift” and that is why Miss Hilton is having such an easy time.



A little update to “So You Think You Can Dance” fans. Here are the Top 20 names and a picture of all the kids celebrating!

Anya, Cedric, Ashlee, Danny, Faina, Dominic, Jamie, Hok, Jessi, Jesus, Lacey, Jimmy, Lauren, Kameron, Sabra, Neil, Sara, Pasha, Shauna, and Ricky!

Paris Hilton Gets to “Appear” in Court This Morning Via Telephone


Details are slim, but it sounds like Paris, who was very clearly supposed to appear in court this morning in person, is actually going to be allowed to report via telephone.

The City Attorney, as expected, is pissed.

This Sheriff Lee Baca guy is such a trainwreck. This is the same guy who:

1) Tried to cover up Mel Gibson’s atrocious, anti-Semitic, misogynistic behavior after his arrest last summer.
2) Has gone on the record stating his admiration for Scientology.
3) Set up the “executive reserve” program to allow celebrities and star athletes to become easily deputized, a move that was widely criticized as being a way to cater to celebrity campaign donors and provide a backdoor way to allow the rich and powerful to carry a concealed weapon.

This guy is such a winner. I wonder how much the Hiltons are planning to donate to his next campaign.

[image courtesy David Gilmore at PrettyOnTheOutside]