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Moving Forward on the Grey’s Anatomy Spin-Off

Kate Walsh and Taye Diggs on the Set of Private Practice in Malibu

Kate Walsh is one busy lady.

The newly engaged Walsh was spotted filming Private Practice, her Grey’s Anatomy spin-off, with hottie co-star Taye Diggs in Malibu yesterday.

The two-hour “premiere” of Private Practice — during a special two-hour episode of Grey’s — did well for ABC, so it looks like they’re moving full speed ahead with the series.

I wonder if Ellen Pompeo is pissed. Ellen gets her own series, then gets engaged. Now Kate gets engaged and gets her own series.

If anything, Katherine Heigl must be fuming.

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Things You Can Do In the Amount of Time Nicole Richie Spent in Jail

CBS put together this lovely list:

You can order a pizza from Pizza Hut and Domino’s and expect it to arrive at your door…and have time to eat it. Not that Nicole eats much…but the rest of us can.

You can drive from Los Angeles to Long Beach (if traffic is light).

You can read an entire issue of “US Weekly.”

You can wait on line at the post office in Sherman Oaks (the express line usually takes less than an hour. Unless you’re holding extremely heavy packages. Then, of course, clerks go off duty to delight in watching you struggle.)

You can get out of the Dodgers parking lot (even when they are sold out) with their new parking procedures. Last year, not so much. There were games where fans (the web team included) spent 2 hours trying to get out of the lot.

You can play a rousing game of Trivial Pursuit…especially if your opponents aren’t very bright.

You can burn 559 calories while running cross-country (provided you weigh 100 pounds).

You can fly to Vegas and wait for your bag and get to a casino on the strip….if it’s not too far down the strip.

You can watch the entire “Simpsons” movie as it is exactly 82 minutes long.

You can get a haircut (no waiting) at most barbers and hair salons (appointments necessary, of course)

You can watch three episodes of “The Simple Life”…

You can have lipo done during your lunch hour…including a stop at In ‘N Out (presumably before the lipo.)

Blake Lewis Inks Record Deal

Blake Lewis Signs Record Deal with 19 Arista

I guess it’s American Idol day. Or, you know, I guess it’s a really slow news day.

On the heels of the release of the first Jordin Sparks single, “Tattoo,” comes the news that runner-up Blake Lewis has signed a recording deal with 19 Recordings/Arista Records. His album’s due in late 2007.

“Blake has a strong music sensibility and knows who he is and what his music should represent,” says Clive Davis, who basically seems to be in the business of supporting every AmIdol contestant whose name isn’t Kelly Clarkson. “His collaborators are all knocked out by him.”