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Shanna and Travis are over … again. [Cele|bitchy]

Brandon Davis’s parents are all like, “Um, yeah, so, we’re not going to finance the destruction of our family name anymore.” [A Socialite's Life]

OMG, they’re still doing the Warped tour? I haven’t heard about that thing since high school. Am I really that out of touch? Yes. Yes I am. [Bree]

The actual swimsuits from Jessica Simpson’s new swimsuit line. (You know, the ones I don’t care enough about to actually post myself.) [GTS]

Amy Winehouse is going to keep canceling her gigs as long as you dumbasses keep booking them. [Agent Bedhead]

Aunt Becky and Danny Tanner! Together at last! [IBBB]

Natasha Bedingfield thinks rehab would be a nice place to rest up and get some good publicity. [Daily Stab]

Jessica Simpson’s New Swimsuit Line is Truly Haute Couture, Part I

Dennis Rodman Gets Head on the Red Carpet

This is Dennis Rodman and a famewhore on the red carpet at the after party of Jessica Simpson’s new swimsuit line debut.

It’s a well-known mantra in the fashion world: if you can’t get Anna Wintour there, get Dennis Rodman.

What does he even do these days? Does he still play basketball? Is this really the level to which he must stoop in order to get anyone to write anything about him? Sad, Mr. Rodman. Very sad.

Also, is that a tranny?

Dennis Rodman and Some Chick on Her Knees at the Jessica Simpson Swimsuit Fashion Show Afterparty, Pictures and Photos Dennis Rodman and Some Woman on Her Knees at the Jessica Simpson Swimsuit Fashion Show Afterparty, Pictures and Photos

Lindsay Does Las Vegas

Lindsay Lohan Partying at Pure in Las Vegas

So I think this means she’s officially out of rehab.

Lindsay Lohan, who is finally 21, popped her Vegas cherry this weekend (hey, it’s the last one she had left!) by hitting up PURE nightclub.

And you know what?

She looks great!

She looks healthy and happy and sexy and clothed and you know what else?

I don’t care what the other blogs are saying. I think the little bitch stayed sober.

Rock on, Linds.

lindsay_pure1.jpg lindsay_pure.jpg

Samantha Ronson Sues over Cocaine Allegations

Samantha Ronson Suing Perez Hilton and Sunset Photo Over Cocaine Allegations

DJ Samantha Ronson, known more lately for what her fingers are doing with Lindsay Lohan than what they’re doing with a turntable, has struck back against two gossip blogs with a $20 million libel suit.

Ronson, herself a budding celebrity deejay, is striking back at suggestions that cocaine found in Lohan’s car after an infamous fender-bender was actually hers.

Named as defendants were Jill Ishkanian, who runs the Sunset Photo and News Agency, and Mario Lavandeira, who blogs as Perez Hilton.

In June, Hilton repeated the cocaine claim that first appeared on, a Web site operated by Sunset Photo.

That site claimed Ronson was “making a tidy profit on the side, shilling Lohan, 20, out to photographers eager to get her photo looking passed out and wasted.”

It continued: “If that wasn’t shocking enough, sources say that it was Ronson who was holding the cocaine later found in Lindsay’s car.”

First of all, everyone ran that story. Samantha’s suing Sunset Photo because, for lack of a better phrase, they started it, and because flat-out accusing someone of doing cocaine is an easy way to wind up on the losing end of a libel suit. (And, to clarify, every time the word “cocaine” is used on this blog, you should be aware that it’s our code word for “popsicle.” Inside joke. We know no one in Hollywood would ever use illegal narcotics. Winners don’t do drugs. But they do like popsicles.) She’s suing Perez to get back at him for all the mean shit he runs about Lindsay, because Lord knows after he settles this suit with X17 et al, he’s not going to have a cent to pay her with. She’s just trying to make his life miserable. Which is, you know, fine with me.

Links and Orlando Bloom


I’m in the weirdest mood tonight. I did a favor for a friend today and as a thank you she gave me a hot stone massage (I’m serious — this is LA, people), and it really feels like she gave me about eight Valium instead. So I can’t bring myself to do links, or anything even remotely productive right now. (Although, MK will be be glad to hear that I did eat the leftover onion rings from Kate Mantilini tonight.) I may do some links in the morning, but, until then, here are some of my friends’ sites to check out, and a picture of Orlando Bloom for Heidi, because she says there’s not enough Orlando Bloom gossip on the Internet lately.

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