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Is Lindsay Back in Rehab?

Lindsay Back in Rehab

InTouch Weekly is reporting that Lindsers checked into Britney’s alma mater, Promises Malibu, on Monday afternoon. “She finally realizes it’s the right thing to do,” a close friend tells the magazine. “She is going willingly.”

I dunno, I’m pretty sure our friends at X17 or Splash or Flynet would have had photogs camped out in front of Promises as soon as the most recent pics of Lindsay puking at 4 am hit the Internet. And if any of them has those pics, they haven’t posted them yet. I’ll believe it when I see the pictures, people!!!

I’ll be glad if she’s gone back to rehab, but I’m sticking to my guns on this one: bitch needs to get out of LA. Malibu is still LA. Go to a rehab in Arizona, Linds, or Utah or New Mexico or something. Just get out of LA.

Badass Ice Princess

Surya Bonaly Back Flip

Remember Surya Bonaly? If you were a big fan of skating in the early 90s you would have watched her skate along with Oxana Baiul and do her signature move, the single bladed back flip.

Surya was always a rebel in the world of ice skating. In her last competitive skate, when she knew that a fall had taken her out of medal contention, she did a back flip (which the judges did NOT enjoy) and ended up finishing last. It was an F-U to the rigid skating world and an awesome moment in ice skating.

I had forgotten about her until I came across these photos of her skating at the “Champions on Ice” Tour. I guess she still is skating away and doing her cool back flipping. I think ice skating needs some more rock stars like Surya.

Here are some more pics of Surya and Sasha Cohen at “Champions on Ice.”
Surya Bonaly Sasha Cohen Sasha Cohen Jump

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