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A Letter to Posh

I thank the Beet quite often for introducing me to The Gilded Moose. It is one of the funniest, smartest, snarky sites out there and today they published quite an amusing letter to Miss Posh Spice who recently moved into Meg Ryan’s old digs in Bel Air.

Dear Posh Spice,

Welcome to Los Angeles. We are so excited to have you here! Also, congratulations of purchasing your new home in Bel Air, the one you bought (allegedly) from Meg Ryan for 20 million dollars. I bet for that much you get a full kitchen with a built in dishwasher (just think, no more dish-hands, Posh!)

But one part of this whole thing is troubling to us: WHERE WILL MEG RYAN LIVE NOW????!!! Is she just supposed to live in her car. Her car doesn’t even have a roof anymore after Puente ripped it off when he was on meth. Maybe she can stay with friends for a few months, but that gets old after a while. And Billy Crystal’s couch is not very comfortable AT ALL. Everyone knows that.

Look, all I’m saying is think about the people you’re displacing when you move into an area like Bel Air and start to gentrify it, okay. Meg Ryan has feelings too.

The Gilded Moose

When the Brits move in its all over…Where will fallen A-listers go now? Burbank? Glendale?

Regis is Ok!

I love Regis and Kelly. I was very sad to hear that 75 year-old Regis, who is quite healthy for his age, was having heart bypass surgery. Kelly announced yesterday that Regis is doing well and already joking around with the nurses.

Regis has been on TV for 40 years which is amazing. When Regis was going off to the hospital, Kelly oftered to sponge bathe Regis which is a wee bit creepy. Here is the on-air banter with Kelly and guest-host Damien Fahey that sort of conjured up some disturbing images.

Kelly: I’m thrilled you’re feeling better…nursie-poo is coming with her sponge!

Damien: It would be nice to bathe him on-air, you know what I mean? We replace the desk with a tub, we run some warm water.

Kelly: That’s the pay-per-view special.

Watching 75 year-old man get sponge bathed on live TV…creepy guys. I love myself some Regis…but clothed not naked Regis.

Kate Looking Great


Kate Bosworth with her dog on the set of her new movie “21″ is looking adorable. She is still a bit thin but after seeing pictures of her last year during the “Superman” junket I’m glad that she finally is looking healthy and happy.

Kate is a smart cookie and her new movie is putting that to use. “21″ is the true story of six MIT students who were trained to become experts in card counting won millions of dollars in Vegas. I love her darker hair and I hope this non-scary skinny Kate stays around for a while. I’m a bit embarassed that “Blue Crush” is one of my favorite movies but seriously, Kate’s a great actress and I’m glad she seems better.

Here are some pics of Miss Bosworth when she wasn’t looking so good.
150906a.jpg kate_bosworth1_1153551144.jpg katebosworth_1158341380.jpg

Sinbad: Still Not Dead


It’s been over a month since we’ve seen a real “celebrity” death, so it’s about time we start inventing one. Enter Wikipedia, former home of extinct elephants, announcing that Jingle All the Way mega-star Sinbad kicked the bucket after suffering a heart attack. Luckily, the AP was able to track him down in heaven Los Angeles, where he managed to confirm that he is not, in fact, dead, but, now that you mention it, he would very much like to be reincarnated as a working actor.

Redefining Blogging?


Per usual, Anna Wintour’s right. According to Page Six, “They are expanding the Vogue Web site and getting more involved with the Internet. But Anna hates the word ‘blog’ so much, she refuses to call anything on her site a blog and has charged her staff with coming up with a new word that isn’t as garish-sounding. She wants it ASAP – in time for launch.” You know, it’s true, the word “blog” is awkward and totally unglamorous, and the only word more annoying is “blogosphere.”

Someone inside Vogue wanted to clarify: “Anna just doesn’t want people to refer to stories as blogs, because they’re not. It’s an improper use of the word.”

That’s so true; nothing annoys me more than people who are like “Oh, yes, I wrote a blog this morning, and I’m going to write another one tonight.” (Actually, that’s not true; Sanjaya Malakar annoys me more.) No no no. They’re blog entries or posts or something. The “blog” is the entire entity, not what composes it.

I really hope that Anna has, in fact, tasked her staff with coming up with a new, hip word for “blog.” Anyone have any ideas for a next-gen term for “blog?”