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Let’s Talk Some More About “Frances Bean”

Francis Bean Cobain with Courtney Love Pics, Pictures Photos

Francis Bean Cobain with Courtney Love in People, Pics, Pictures Photos

So yesterday I ran some photos of a person I believed to be Frances Bean Cobain, with Courtney Love. I also ran some older photos of Frances Bean. You guys made the fair complaint that the person in the main picture looked nothing like the person in the thumbnails.

I emailed the photo agency to ask them if they were sure about the ID, and they said they were. They also sent me the photo you see in the screen shot above, which ran on People’s website. This is obviously the same girl as you saw in my post from yesterday, and People has identified her as Frances Bean, as well. I know this girl does not look like the older pictures of Frances Bean, but People does have better fact-checkers than I do. (Mine is my cat.)

I know you guys said you thought the girl was Love’s new bass player, Patrizia. Does anyone have a link to a picture of her? Let’s try and nail down who this chick is, if she’s not Frances.

Update: Thanks to commenter Melanie for the picture below. Yeah, this is her bassist, not Francis Bean. I guess even People was wrong.

Courtney Love and Bassist at the Roxy

Jodie Sweetin Continues to Make Really Healthy Decisions

Jodie Sweetin Gets Married, Weds Cody Herpin in Las Vegas

You know what they say: if the new boobs don’t heal the pain you feel inside, a hasty marriage will.

It’s Jodie Sweetin’s new mantra. The 25-year-old former Full House star got hitched earlier this month to Cody Herpin, a set driver (I’m serious — check his IMDB page — he’s an on-set driver). The best part? She only met him a few weeks ago, and they eloped to Vegas.

National Enquirer quotes a “friend” of Sweetin saying that “She believes she’s finally met her soulmate,” and I can hear the sarcasm and disdain even in black-and-white print. The friend may as well have been like, “Seriously, this bitch made more sense when she was hopped up on crack.”

Jodie’s been married once before, to the genius of a husband who was both a cop and blissfully unaware of his wife’s methamphetamine addiction. I need to run into that kind of cop more often when I’m strung out and driving. The actress reportedly got help and got clean, but National Enquirer ran a story in May saying that she’d relapsed.

How long do we figure this new marriage will last? My money’s on four months. Or until they run out of coke.

Britney Spears Filming New Music Video Today

Britney Spears in the Ocean in Her Underwear and Bra Pics, Pictures, Photos

It looks like Britney Spears is moving full-speed ahead with her comeback. Word on the street is that Britney is filming the music video for her comeback single, “Get Back,” today in LA. A casting notice went out earlier in the week:

Casting music video for major recording star!

Please reply with a photo with your age, height and other specifics if you’d like to be an extra in a one day music video for an established major pop music star. We’re looking for attractive, hip, fashionable, and enthusiastic people ages 21 to 30 to act as bar patrons. The shoot hours will be 12 PM to 12 AM. Compensation is pro bono, however, food and drinks will be provided. This is a one day shoot with a fun and lively crew. A good time will be had by all! This is a great opportunity to be an extra in a big music video with a very well known artist. A confidentiality agreement must be signed if you are chosen.

So she’s making them sign NDAs, but she’s not going to pay them. Sweet deal. Actually, you know what? I’d totally do it, just to say I was a part of the ugliest comeback attempt in the history of pop music. If the recent photos of Britney are any indication, this girl is in no shape to film a music video. Your career is kind of like your hair, Britney — you can try to extend it, but when there’s hardly anything there to start with, the end result’s going to be ugly.

Does She Look Bored?

So seriously doesn’t Hillary Duff look really bored while singing “Stranger” during last week’s result show for “So You Think You Can Dance?” Maybe she was worried because she can’t so much dance. She shakes her new little body in a hot outfit but I guess the bored look is really her sexy-face. I just don’t get what she is trying to do.

I kind of dig the song though. Is something wrong with me? Am I becoming a fan of Hillary Duff music. Do they have a support group for this?

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