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5Natalie Imbruglia Was Married?

Natalie Imbruglia Divorces Husband, Silverchair Frontman Daniel Johns

Well, she’s not anymore.

Natalie split from her husband of four years, Silverchair frontman Daniel Johns, this week.

They thought they could bury this shit in the Britney mess, but I miss nothing.

Here’s the statement, released today:

“While we are very sad that our marriage has ended, we want to make it clear that our parting is amicable, and we remain friends. This mutual decision has not been taken lightly or quickly. However, our career demands and our lives in different parts of the world have brought us to the point where unfortunately this difficult decision was necessary for both of us. We have simply grown apart through not being able to spend enough time together.”

Now I can go back to my very busy schedule of not caring about Natalie Imbruglia.

January 4, 2008 at 6:27 pm by Evil Beet
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79Is This the Vivica Fox Blow Job Tape?

Vivica Fox Sex Tape, Video of Her Sucking Cock, View Here

The folks at MediaTakeOut claim to have the infamous Vivica Fox Sex Tape. Is this Vivica sucking some cock? You decide.

The video is NSFW, so it’s after the jump.

Want more?

Be sure to check out our nip slip gallery and our upskirt/labia slip gallery.


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0SAG Actors Won’t Cross Picket Lines to Do Golden Globes

It’s official: The Screen Actors Guild will not be allowing its members to appear at or present at the Golden Globe awards on Sunday.

“After considerable outreach to Golden Globe actor nominees and their representatives over the past several weeks, there appears to be unanimous agreement that these actors will not cross WGA picket lines to appear on the Golden Globe Awards as acceptors or presenters,” said SAG president Alan Rosenberg. “We applaud our members for this remarkable show of solidarity for striking Writers Guild of America writers.”

The Golden Globes will be … even more boring than usual, I suppose. I guess I won’t watch them this year, just like I haven’t watched them in any prior year.

January 4, 2008 at 5:22 pm by Evil Beet
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6Happy Birthday, Kimberley Locke!

Kimberley Locke Celebrates her 30th Birthday at Plumm In New York, Pictures, Photos

Kimberley Locke Celebrates her 30th Birthday at Plumm In New York, Pictures, Photos

Kim celebrated the big 3-0 by getting wasted at Plumm in NYC with her friends, and, from the looks of it, her more-than-friends.

Who is this guy?

He looks like a long-lost Baldwin brother. You know, one of the ones with a raging alcohol problem.

Can anyone ID this fella?

Images via Splash

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K-Fed has been awarded sole custody for the time being.

It’s about time!!!

Brit’s visitation rights have been “suspended pending further order of the court.”

The court ordered Kevin to have sole physical custody of the kids until a further hearing on January 14.

You can read the full court document here.

January 4, 2008 at 4:16 pm by Evil Beet

13Alli Sims Had to Get Britney Spears Out of the Bathroom with a Hammer


Hey, you know who we haven’t written about yet today?

Britney Spears!

Heh heh.

Anyway. Page Six is reporting that, after the custody hearing yesterday, Britney immediately began drinking vodka. The court-appointed monitor and Alli were with Britney at her Mulholland Drive home, trying to calm her down, but as Britney’s emotional state worsened she locked herself inside the master suite bathroom. Eventually, Alli used a hammer to break the door down and then called emergency services.

Another source says that Britney had recently “freaked out” on Kevin after hearing reports that he’d been flirting with her frenemy Paris Hilton. We reported on this earlier in the week, and at the time I was like, “What is Britney going to do to retaliate?” I thought she might, like, dye her hair blue or, at the worst, dye the kids’ hair blue, but this is some crazy-ass Medea shit.


January 4, 2008 at 3:24 pm by Evil Beet