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This is Kind of Like Charity Work, Right?

Paris Hilton with Ford Escape Hybrid, Pictures Photos Pics

P-Hilt attended BPM Magazine’s 11th Anniversary GREEN Celebration, sponsored by the Ford Escape Hybrid. Drawing celebrity attention to a good cause? Taking five minutes out of your day to pretend like hybrid cars are cool? This is new! This is good!

Although, I have to say I much prefer the photos of Entourage‘s Rex Lee with the car.

Rex Lee from Entouage with Ford Escape Hybrid, Pictures Pics and Photos Rex Lee from Entourage with Ford Escape Hybrid, Pictures Pics and Photos

Did He Just?…

So I am not one to get all hot and bothered over “is he or isn’t he gay” Perez Hilton style but I am quite intrigued by the case of Anderson Cooper. He is gay without really being out but still leads a lifestyle that isn’t super closeted in New York. My hair guy…who I trust fully…knows his boyfriend and made a passing comment about how he sometimes worries when Anderson goes off to cover wars, disasters etc… How cute is that?

I think it is a joke that Anderson really plays on everyone. Sort of a “obviously I’m gay but I’m not going to placate you by saying anything.” Perez, however, came up with quite the little video here.

If you watch it to the end see how Anderson reacts when the female anchor makes an innuendo that her husband would be jealous of the two. It is classic to see her reaction as all of Anderson’s colleagues know about his lifestyle.

Still, in the hope for me that lingers, if you are straight Anderson, I love travel…long walks on the beach and fuzzy white dogs. Call me.

Um, So Benicio del Toro is Starring in Medellin

Benicio del Toro Stars in Guerilla, a Film About Che Guevarra, on-set Pictures, pics and photos

But I guess they’re calling it Guerilla. And he’s playing Che Guevarra. But it’s being filmed in both the U.S. and Spain and will be entirely in Spanish and, last I heard, Vinny Chase and E owned the rights to that premise. I suppose it’s just as well they film it in a foreign language, as I feel like Benicio del Toro needs subtitling even when he’s speaking English. Stephen Soderbergh directs, and will hopefully be more cooperative than Billy Walsh.

Lohan Turns Herself in for That Whole Drunk Driving “Incident”

Lindsay Lohan Turns Herself in to Police for Memorial Day Weekend Drunk Driving DUI Charge

Less than a week out of rehab, Lindsay Lohan and her new alcohol-detecting ankle bracelet headed down to the Beverly Hills PD to surrender for her Memorial Day weekend DUI.

Accompanied by her attorney, the 21-year-old actress surrendered at the Beverly Hills Police Department Thursday afternoon to be fingerprinted and photographed, Officer Brian Ballieweg said.

Lohan’s blood-alcohol level at the time of the crash was above California’s 0.08 percent legal limit, Ballieweg said. He wouldn’t disclose how high it was. She is also faces a misdemeanor charge of hit and run, he said.

Lohan was released on her recognizance. A court date was scheduled for August 24.

While there have been rumors swirling about Lindsay finding ways to get high even with the bracelet, I have a feeling she’s staying sober. I mean, come on, you guys, she spent an entire weekend in Vegas and we didn’t hear once about her screaming at her assistant or throwing things at the waiter or calling Paris Hilton a cunt on camera. Something’s different this time around. Keep it up, Lindsay!

And August is going to be an exciting month, what with Nicole Richie’s new trial date and Lindsay’s trial!

Yup, Looks Like Britney’s Filming Her Music Video Today

Britney Spears Get Back Music Video Outfit Pictures, Pics Photos

And she’s wearing this.

Remember that scene in Reality Bites when Janeane Garofalo thinks she’s going to die of AIDS and everyone’s going to come to her funeral having spent more time thinking about their outfit than about her? (“It’s like I’m watching it on some crappy show like Melrose Place or some shit, right? And I’m the new character, I’m the HIV AIDS character, and I live in the building and I teach everybody that ‘It’s OK to be near me, it’s OK to talk to me.’ And then I die. And there’s everybody at my funeral wearing halter tops or chokers or some shit like that.”)

Anyway, that’s what this makes me think of.