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Perez on “Paris Watch”


Perez Hilton is a bit boring but he is really on the ball when it comes to Paris’s “will-she-or-won’t-she” show up at the court watch.

Right now helecopters are flying over Paris’s house waiting for her to come outside.

A police car is waiting outside of Paris Hilton’s house to give her a ride to the court ASAP.

She is still inside as of 10:05 A.M. Pacific.

Earlier this moments, her hair and makeup people were seen entering the home.

So Paris is waiting for her people to make her up before she goes out in public. I want them to throw her skinny ass back in jail for 40 days. She was actually thinking of throwing a party and now is getting primped before facing the paparatzzi.

Throw her in jail! I’m guessing a lot of people get anxious and can’t eat when they enter PRISON.

Methinks that Cathy Hilton gave somebody a “gift” and that is why Miss Hilton is having such an easy time.



A little update to “So You Think You Can Dance” fans. Here are the Top 20 names and a picture of all the kids celebrating!

Anya, Cedric, Ashlee, Danny, Faina, Dominic, Jamie, Hok, Jessi, Jesus, Lacey, Jimmy, Lauren, Kameron, Sabra, Neil, Sara, Pasha, Shauna, and Ricky!

Paris Hilton Gets to “Appear” in Court This Morning Via Telephone


Details are slim, but it sounds like Paris, who was very clearly supposed to appear in court this morning in person, is actually going to be allowed to report via telephone.

The City Attorney, as expected, is pissed.

This Sheriff Lee Baca guy is such a trainwreck. This is the same guy who:

1) Tried to cover up Mel Gibson’s atrocious, anti-Semitic, misogynistic behavior after his arrest last summer.
2) Has gone on the record stating his admiration for Scientology.
3) Set up the “executive reserve” program to allow celebrities and star athletes to become easily deputized, a move that was widely criticized as being a way to cater to celebrity campaign donors and provide a backdoor way to allow the rich and powerful to carry a concealed weapon.

This guy is such a winner. I wonder how much the Hiltons are planning to donate to his next campaign.

[image courtesy David Gilmore at PrettyOnTheOutside]

So You Think You Can Dance: Top 20


Now comes the interesting part…the Top 20 Dancers. Last night we had the crazy Vegas week of Callbacks. There wasn’t a lot of drama save a lot of contestants getting eliminated. They are staying at Mandalay Bay, which holds a special place in my heart. At least if they don’t make it they can go out and get loaded on the strip.

We finally have the awesome lyrical genius Mia Michaels joining the show. She is badass and when faced with her choreography most of the dancers look like they are going to vomit. Actually I think I have nightmares that I am forced to go to one of her dance calls.

During the elimination there are a few surprises. The girl with one arm doesn’t make it, which is a bit disheartening. There is one poor boy that tries to feign a crush on Kat Deeley even though he is violently gay.

My favorite dancer from last year’s auditions, Hawk didn’t get to compete is season two because of an issue with his work visa. This year they make the poor boy wait until the very end. It gets down to him and Twitch who was another sick break-dancer.

The judges make their final decision and it is…HAWK! Vote for Hawk!!!

The last girl to be chosen was Lacey Schwimmer the sister of Benji Schwimmer. She is also a good little Mormon girl and when they let her know that she is the final girl to get a spot in the Top 20 she says… “Shut the front door!” I love people that were not brough up with profanity the home. My father actually used to swear at home appliances.

I can’t wait for next week when the real fun beings! This should be a great season. I think the dancers this year are even better than Season 2, which was filled with a crazy amount of talent.

Studio 60 Actually Made Me Cry Tonight

Studio 60 Canceled

I’m so pissed that they’re canceling this show. Care to reconsider, NBC?

Look, I love Tina Fey and 30 Rock as much as the next guy; it’s well-written, engaging and funny, just in a different way. As much shit as I give him, I love Aaron Sorkin’s work, both on crack and off; his characters say things that need to be said, and his storytelling and dialogue are almost incomparably brilliant. I suppose with some coaxing I can stomach a world where Paris Hilton can buy her way out of jail, but I don’t know if I can live in a world where a major network can green-light the cougars-vs-kittens Age of Love and this show doesn’t get another season.

Paris Was Planning a Party!

Paris Hilton Planning a Party After Jail

In another big fuck-you to the justice system and to all the people in the world who make a normal income, X17 reports that Paris Hilton was planning a party for Friday night. She’d invited a group of her friends to a “Welcome Back” party at her Hollywood Hills mansion new jail. Seriously, does she want the whole world to hate her? Jesus Christ, Paris. Even if you don’t have to go back to jail (oh please God make her go back to jail), just sit your ass down, shut the fuck up, stay out of the spotlight for 40 days, and pretend like you could give two shits that you drove drunk and then violated probation TWICE.

Ha, maybe the girls at Lynwood will throw the little hooker a welcome back party instead. That would be sweet.

It Don’t Pay to Hate on the Gays: Isaiah Washington Gets the Boot at Grey’s

Isaiah Washington Kicked Off of Grey’s Anatomy

Yup, that’s right. Mr. Isaiah Washington just took a fabulous Prada loafer squarely in the ass.

Even though he denied that he’d be leaving Grey’s Anatomy, multiple sources have been loudly confirming that he was on his way out, and with T.R. Knight’s recent announcement that he’ll be returning to the show, the writing was on the wall in bright Shiseido red.

ABC studios stated on Thursday that Washington’s contract was not renewed for the upcoming season of Grey’s.

Isaiah, ever the beacon of good judgment in this otherwise distressing world, released the following statement, with no further explanation:

“I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.”

That Isaiah, he’s all class.

So if you’re wondering what all that ruckus is in WeHo tonight, it’s fair to assume that T.R. Knight and Kate Heigl are somewhere at its epicenter, appletinis in hand.