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When Pubbing a Movie Goes Bad

No one knows who Eddie Griffin is, but it’s not really germane (fancy word for “German”) to the punchline here. All you need to know are these fun facts:

1) Eddie Griffin is an actor (Deuce Bigalow bitches!)
2) He’s in a movie called Redline about racing around in fancy cars.
3) He crashed a fancy $1.5m Ferrari Enzo while doing PR for the movie.

He looked to be driving around 35 when he destroyed one of the 400 of these cars ever made. That’s impressive stuff. Guess no one will be asking “Did you do your own stunts in the movie?”

For this I say we make “Eddie the unknown” our idiot of the day! Here’s the video of a beautiful car being brutalized.

Lay Off Cousin Snoop You Bastards


It’s kind of an older story but I’ve been back on the drugs lately so I’m a little delayed.

But when those blokes across the pond strike at the very heart of America I’m obligated to strike back (like the Empire).

LONDON (AP) — Snoop Dogg and Sean “Diddy” Combs were forced to scrap a tour of Britain after authorities denied Dogg a visa, according to a statement Tuesday.

Oooooh, anger. The Swedes busted him and now authorities are “denying Dogg.” Snoop can’t catch a break in Europe. And yeah, I know you Great Britainers don’t consider yourself to be truly Europe, you’re too special, but I call you Europe anyway. Because really Europe stands for anyone who censors someone like Snoop Dogg, someone who’s special and lovely and full of neat things to share with society as a whole. That’s Snoop, and when you bar him from your country who are you really hurting? The kids, that’s who. And those little bastards are our future.

British Home Office rules state that foreign citizens can be barred from entering the country if there were concerns about their presence.

Umm, he was on The Apprentice. If the Donald has given him the gold stamp of approval why are you standing in the way? Do you not count the L.A. version as a real version of The Apprentice just because ratings are down?

I can only hope and pray that the US military gets involved, perhaps they could parachute Snoop in. Look out United Kingdom, you haven’t heard the last of this. Trust me on that my cousins.

Happy One Million Visitors, Evil Beet!!!

I’m a little late on the draw with this one, but it’s been a hectic week. We actually passed the one million visitor mark about a week ago, and I just wanted to post to thank everyone who visits, comments, links and sends hate mail. You all matter. Especially the people who send hate mail. It reminds us that our readers are engaged, and that’s perhaps the highest compliment of all. Additional thanks are due to Britney Spears and that vagina of hers, and Antonella Barba and, well, that mouth of hers.

Personally, I want to thank Evil T and Spiteful Lars for contributing ridiculously funny stuff here every day. I love you both dearly — without you, this site would probably still mostly be me talking about my cats. I’d still like writing it, but perhaps the audience would be smaller. Thanks also to for providing me, sans (too much) censoring, an even larger audience for my own special brand of offensive.

Again, I hugely appreciate everyone who visits and everyone who links. You guys always make my day. Unless there’s a Lindsay Lohan crotch shot. Then that makes my day.


Late-Night Links

Ugh, Bill Clinton, your wife is the first woman in the history of this country with a real shot at winning a presidential election. If you could just avoid using the words “Britney Spears” in any context at all for the next year and a half, that would be really great, okay? [Socialite's Life]

I don’t think it’s that interesting that Cisco Adler, newly split from Mischa Barton, is back in the lap of ex Kim Stewart. But I think it’s very funny that the two were hooking up at the Details magazine “relive your college days” party. If I recall correctly, Kim Stewart attended modeling school, and I think the closest Cisco Adler’s been to a university campus is on the iPod of the eight people who actually listen to Whitestarr. Rock on, kids. [Celebslam]

Shakira goes brunette. Verdict: she’s still adorable. [Drunken Stepfather]

Saturday Night Live takes on Sanjaya. [SOW]

Paris Hilton’s flavor of the week is Desperate Housewives‘ Josh Henderson. [popbytes]

Angelina is still so grief-stricken over the loss of her mother that she can’t eat. But adopt a kid? She’s totally okay to do that. [ICYDK]

I’d actually be okay with Mario Lopez hosting The Price is Right if it kept him too busy to do anything else. I think of it like quarantining a virus. [Mollygood]

Ooh!!! Mary-Kate Olsen, I have solved all your career woes. You should be the next Marlboro Man!!! [PopSugar]

Aww … Halle Berry is still a hometown girl at heart. [Cele|bitchy]