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Britney Spears is Bad, Part 348


Kevin Federline is on the warpath, trying to get custody of the ex-couple’s two sons. After serving subpoenas to two of Britney’s former assistants and her former bodyguard, K-Fed now has another secret weapon: video footage from 15 surveillance cameras that Britney installed in their Malibu mansion, documenting Britney’s insanity.

According to the National Enquirer, in one of the tapes, Britney slaps Kevin after screaming at him about a weekend he spent in Vegas. In another, she actually goes after him with a frying pan. According to a source: “Kevin was going to use the frying pan, but Britney grabbed it and hit him with it when he turned his back. He grabbed the pan out of her hand and walked away, but she hurled an ashtray at him. He dodged it, and it hit the sliding glass door.”

Kevin also has voicemail tapes of Britney admitting she was out drinking with friends. I can’t believe he thinks he needs voicemail tapes to prove that, when TMZ has at least 40 hours of footage of it.

“Kevin believes that Britney lets the boys run around with dirty diapers because she’s too lazy to change them,” says the source. Ew.


Kim Kardashian Says She Does Not Have a Butt Implant

“Everyone now says I have a fake butt or butt implant. I’m Armenian; you should see all the women in my family. The women have bigger breasts and bigger butts. That’s how I was born. I can’t help it. I’m not gonna fight it. I definitely need to work out more and tone up, but I’m proud of my body … [but] I’m not against [plastic surgery].”

Kim Kardashian, to King magazine

Rihanna Is a Good Big Sister

Rihanna and Her Little Brother at the People Music Lounge in NYC

Awww … these pictures are just the cutest thing. Rihanna’s little brother accompanied the singer to the People Music Lounge in NYC tonight, and she played around with him for the cameras. I know it’s something of a PR stunt. I know I’m supposed to ooh and ahh over these and we’re all supposed to forget about how she’s probably banging Jay-Z behind Beyonce’s back. And you know what? It’s totally working. And as far as PR stunts go, I’ll take this shit over a DUI, a rehab visit or a “feud” any day of the week.

I bet this kid does the cutest version of “Umbrella” ever. I bet he has a little dance that goes along with it and everything.

rihanna_bro1.jpg rihanna_bro2.jpg

Ivanka Trump Kills Stuff

Ivanka Trump Stuff Magazine

Here’s Ivanka Trump, celebrating her cover of Stuff magazine, the poor man’s alternative to Maxim. She’s on the cover of the fall fashion issue. The event was held at Trump Tower, and Donald was there with her on the carpet, as he’s certainly not one to pass up an opportunity to use his daughter’s sex appeal to further his own fame.

This is nice and all, but I love that this is happening as Stuff magazine is probably folding. From the Hollywood Reporter:

The future owners of Dennis Publishing’s men’s titles plan to fold Stuff as a standalone magazine in the fall and make it a section in flagship Maxim, sources told Mediaweek. No word on the fate of Stuff’s staffers.

The news hardly comes as a shock; it was widely expected Stuff would take a different form after it was sold, along with Dennis Publishing’s other U.S. men’s titles, to private equity firm Quadrangle Group, in a $240-plus million deal. Alpha Media Group, the new name for Dennis Publishing’s men’s titles, is expected to close on the deal as early as next week.

Dennis launched Stuff as a smaller-circ, shopping-focused title, to block Emap’s FHM from gaining ground on Maxim by offering advertisers a lower-cost alternative to Maxim. But Stuff has teetered between the red and black, and FHM folded late last year, leading some to question Stuff’s reason for being.

First you killed The Apprentice, Ivanka, and now Stuff magazine? What are you going to destroy next? Hm, maybe you should spend more time around Paris Hilton …

ivanka_stuff1.jpg ivanka_stuff2.jpg ivanka_stuff3.jpg ivanka_stuff4.jpg

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Documents in Spears/Federline Divorce Case May Be Unsealed


Thank you, People magazine! The celeb rag, along with KNBC-TV, have filed a motion asking that the documents in the Spears/Federline divorce case be made publicly available. A court commissioner said today that he would consider the motion.

“They’re appropriate participants in here,” he said.

Kevin’s attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan said the documents discussed in the motion contain information about the schedules of the couple’s children and other details that could put the kids in jeopardy. “It would be best for the children that they not be exposed,” he said.