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Hugh Grant Arrested, He’s a Bean Thrower


AP LONDON – Hugh Grant has been arrested for allegedly throwing a container of baked beans at a photographer, London police said.

There are magical fruit jokes to be made but those are juvenile and insulting to our reader’s intelligence. So I’ll just say this: I’d love it if Hugh threw any canned good at my dome. Then I could take the next few years off.

Yes Of Course Vanessa Minnillo Has Her Own Line of Cosmetics



What? You think Jessica Simpson’s trampy little ass has a monopoly on hawking crappy lip glosses? If there’s anything the U.S. market needs, it’s another line of celebrity cosmetics. Vanessa Minnillo has called hers Flirt! (The exclamation point belongs to the cosmetics line — please note that I am not really that excited about all this.) She unveiled the new line last night in NYC, where she just bought a condo with Nick Lachey.

Christina Ricci Is RAINN’s New National Spokesperson



The little pixie was crowned in DC tonight. If you have any cash left after Idol’s fund-tastic tearjerker tonight (I prefer to think of it less as a donation to African AIDS orphans and more as a reduction in my taxable income), the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network, co-founded by Tori Amos, always needs funds. And, admit it, after what “Me and a Gun” did for your adolescent years, this is really the least you can do.

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