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Apparently Even Extended Members of the Lohan Family Send Emails to Page Six

What is it with these people? Can we just put them all on Jerry Springer and be done with it? (Are they even still filming Jerry Springer? God I hope so.)

The latest in a long line of Lohans to air their dirty laundry to the media is Dina Lohan’s boyfriend, Jim McMillan, who penned a scathing missive that ended up in the hands of Page Six. McMillan was responding to the allegations Michael Lohan made about Dina, accusing her of being a drug and alcohol abuser, and about Jim, claiming he was not safe to have around the children.

“First and foremost, I am a gentleman. I have never been inebriated in front of [the children] or said anything about a man I know nothing about. I did decide to learn about Michael Lohan and did a quick background check. The following is public record, fact and irrefutable: On 10/13/84, you struck, choked and kicked Susan L. Hubbard of Ohio, causing fractured facial bones.

In [New York], there are 10 arrest records found for securities fraud, DWI, assault, grand larceny . . . Dina has never been arrested or charged with anything.

Upon getting out of jail, you hire a publicist and start a smear campaign against your children’s mom. You take a photo of her holding a water bottle at your daughter’s premiere, and you call her a party mom. You . . . accuse her of being an alcoholic, a drug user, an unfit mom and a philanderer.

You do it in a very public way and force them to deal with the fallout. If you want to assassinate someone’s character, leave Dina alone. She is way out of your league. She is a classy, intelligent, loving mom . . .”

You people are the very definition of class. I can’t understand at all why Lindsay is the way she is.



Ever careful not to be photographed with alcohol, B Spears hits up the Las Vegas opening of LAX. (The club, not the airport.)

Yeah, homegirl looks dry as a bone.

With Criss Angel in tow.

Nicky Hilton showed up, too.

sober1.jpg sober2.jpg

Kate Walsh and Giuliana DePandi Get Married


No, not to each other.

Kate Walsh married that film exec at Fox who she got engaged to five minutes ago after the two dated for ten minutes. I give this marriage a few months. The two got hitched in Ojai, with Katherine Heigl, T.R. Knight, Chandra Wilson, James Pickens Jr., Justin Chambers and Shonda Rhimes in attendance. If you can believe it, Isaiah Washington missed the festivities.

Giuliana DePandi got hitched to Bill Rancic, the first winner of The Apprentice. The two got engaged late last year, much to my chagrin. The wedding took place on the Italian island of Capri, with about 200 friends and family present.

Heath Ledger’s a Free Man Again

Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams Break Up

Proving yet again that a baby can’t save a marriage, Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams “quietly and amicably split a few weeks ago.”

According to a source, “The relationship had been rocky recently. They tried very hard to make it work but finally decided to separate. They just grew apart … They have a beautiful daughter and they are both committed to being great parents.”

Their daughter, Mathilda, is 23 months old.

I’d Still Totally Have Sex with Adam Duritz

Counting Crows Lead Singer, Adam Duritz, Takes Off His Shirt

The perpetually dreadlocked Counting Crows frontman took his shirt off in dangerous proximity to a Splash News camera man.

I know, I know. He’s a little flabby. He’s a little pale. He’s getting really old. But I refuse to give up on my dream!

One day, I will have sex with Adam Duritz. And then we’ll get married and have lots of babies and he’ll write songs about me and it will be fabulous.

Counting Crows’ new album — the first once since 2002′s Hard Candy — will be released November 6 of this year. The album’s title is Saturday Nights, Sunday Mornings, and I for one am super excited.

Photo credit: Aaron St. Clair

Adam Duritz from Counting Crows Shirtless adam_duritz_shirt1.jpg