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She’s an Ugly Dude


Or is he an ugly chick?

I’m a bit confused. Alexis Arquette is seen here at the “She’s My Brother” film premiere. He/She looks a big haggard. Def more Lindsay Lohan than Scarlett Johansson.

This movie, according to IMDB is “A documentary on Alexis Arquette and the process of her sex reassignment surgery.” Does that mean that he/she doesn’t have a penis? Interesting…

I couldn’t find much about the movie but more power to her if she/he…oh I give up…is a proud woman. I just hope that maybe she learns about something Teri Hatcher knows quite well of…the beauty of BOTOX.


New York Trash


So last week I was going to the gym and I saw these little notes (on card stock paper mind you) taped up and down my hallway. They also were printed in various fonts, BOLD, and varying colors show show emphasis. Not only was a little shocked to see that one of my neighbors cared enough to actually post a community note but also more shocked to discover that one of my (way cooler) neighbors sent this note into the New York Times.

Hereit is in all its glory.

To Whom It May Concern:

“It remains a mystery to the majority of us as to why you have not yet understood the simple concept that trash must be placed down the trash chute — not just inside the door of the room the trash chute occupies.

“Perhaps you have not previously resided in an apartment building. Perhaps you lack understanding of the nature of the semi-communal living situation involved therein.

“Whatever the case, your fellow residents of the 21st floor are fed up with your continued inconsideration. We are not your mother, and therefore it is not our job to clean up after you.

“Put your trash down the trash chute!
“Sincerely, your neighbors on the 21st floor.”

Ah New York. My kind of town.

Late-Night Links

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Did Rosie Want Barbara Kicked Off The View?


Just a few more months left of the Rosie/View insanity. I hope. (Please, God?) Lest we allow a non-story with such fun characters — Rosie! Barbara! Donald! — to flicker and die as it ought to, the New York Post has pulled out the defibrillator and somone’s yelling “Clear!” In today’s edition, they swear up and down that Rosie’s departure had nothing to do with ABC’s insistence on a three-year contract; rather, Rosie refused to stay on the daytime chat-fest unless its creator, Barbara Walters, was sent packing.

“They’re talking [publicly] about how they couldn’t come to terms … but … her leaving had nothing to do with that,” said an insider.

According to another ABC insider, “They really had hoped to re-sign her because without Rosie, they’re going to have a lot of trouble keeping up their ratings and filling two [co-host] slots.”

Agreed. Losing Rosie was about the silliest thing that show could have done — although, theoretically, she’ll still be on sporadically — you know, when there’s a narcissistic feud to engage in or if Kelly Ripa dares to chastise another human being for putting their hand on her face without her permission.

ABC, in theory, could have bought out Barbara’s share of the show and given her the boot, but their concerns about Rosie’s extreme behavior outweighed her contribution to ratings, say other insiders.

Says Rosie’s publicist: “That’s absolutely not true, it’s categorically false. People are making things up because they want to pit two powerful women against each other. Rosie just did not want to commit to three years.”