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That Chick From The Office Almost Naked

Jenna Fischer is very fun in my opinion. Wired Magazine must agree because they threw her on the cover.


Okay, it’s really not a big deal because she’s not showing as much skin as me walking around on “leather night,” but still, it should get her some buzz. Now all we need to do is get our gal into some rom-coms. Here’s the pic:


Marcia Brady Was a Total Cokehead


So apparently the original Marcia Brady — Maureen McCormick — told People magazine that she used to be both bulimic and a cokehead. I can’t find the story anywhere on People’s website, but I do have this link to the website of some South Carolina local news station that starts their coverage of this with — and I urge you to confirm this for yourself — the following lines: “Marcia, Marcia, Marcia. It’s a good thing Mr. Brady isn’t alive to hear this.”

Yes, that’s so true, WLTX out of Columbia, South Carolina. AIDS gets a bad rap these days, but, without it, men like Robert Reed might still be alive today. You know, to hear that his co-star on a television sitcom that wrapped filming over thirty years ago engaged in recreational drug use and battled an eating disorder as a teenager. But, thanks to AIDS, we don’t have to worry about that happening.

Anyway, the rest of the story goes like this:

The eating disorder came first. She says it started when she went back to public school when she was 17. Then a boyfriend introduced her to cocaine.

McCormick says it became clear she has an “addictive personality.” After several relapses, McCormick says she cleaned up through therapy and faith.

But really I don’t care much. I just laughed out loud at the first paragraph on WLTX’s coverage and I wanted to share it with everyone else.

Thanks to IBBB for the heads-up.

Late-Night Links


Prince Harry reminds us once again that he’s not going to be King of England. [Ninja Dude]

Naomi Campbell leaves the Department of Sanitation in a couture evening gown. Now that is how a supermodel cleans a toilet. [Gone Hollywood]

Is Kate Moss banging David Beckham? Nah, probably not, but that Pete Doherty fellow sure is a heroin addict. [Agent Bedhead]

Wait, remind me again why anyone would cast Winona Ryder in anything these days? Oh, right. [The Blemish]

The funny old man from David Letterman died (no, not David Letterman). [Tabloid Whore]

Piper Perabo!!! You’re alive!!! Hey, remember that one movie you did? Yeah, me neither. [TBYLTH]

Paris Hilton takes a cab, probably because she was too drunk to remember where she put her car keys. [IBBB]

Grease- Who Did America Want?

I will admit, with a bit of reluctance, that I watched the entire season of “Grease- You’re The One That I Want.” I have to say, that as someone who is involved in the world of musical theatre, this show is totally contrived.

These people aren’t the best of Broadway…but singing and dancing makes good TV and the Broadway production of Grease has already grossed 3 million in early ticket sales. Even if this wasn’t a winner in the ratings the producers of the show will be making a lot of money.

The Finale is a bit overly dramatic but the dream of being a Broadway Star is a lofty goal. For those who have been following the show we are down to Max, Laura, Ashley and Austin.

After a whole lot of filler we learn that our new Danny and Sandy are:

And our non-winners:

If you are a big “Grease” fan the show will open this summer on Broadway!

Miss USA 2007

This year, like always, we had some beautiful girls but only one could take home the title of Top Model…I mean Miss USA. Since Donald Trump has taken over the pageant it has been sex and scandal! Tara Connor’s recovery from drug and alcohol abuse is huge part of the show tonight. Going to rehab I guess is part of the new American Dream.

I am a bit upset because Tara got these awful bangs and seems a bit boring. Maybe all of her charisma came from the coke? I was a big Tara Connor fan because I’m a huge pageant freak.

I love the fact that this year there is an awesome smattering of Dlist hosts, which includes Vanessa Manillo, Kimora Lee Simmons, Jonathan Antin (“Blow Out”), and Jerry Springer. The bathing suit competition is full of girls with shockingly amazing bodies. I am starting to understand why this competition is way more popular than Miss America. The evening gowns are the usual tacky pageant fare with lots of sparkles. Really the best part of the evening gown competition is when Rhode Island almost fell down the stairs. That would have been awesome.
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We Are Crazy About Knut

The cute three-month-old polar bear Knut has become a star in his native Germany. Some crazy animal rights people want to have Knut killed after his mother abandoned him but the Berlin Zoo will keep him in captivity. They believe he will grow big and strong and will be well taken care of at the Zoo. Polar bears are generally loners so his human bonding won’t be detrimental to his well-being.

Today was Knut’s hotly-anticipated debut to the world. They are making stuffed Knut polar bears outside of his enclosure and over 200 journalists showed up to take his picture. I can’t get over how cute this little bear is. If you are having a bad day take a gander at these adorable photos.
What a cute Knut!