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Photoshop Award of the Day


Did Andy Roddick get pumped up by Men’s Fitness? Andy is in amazing shape…I have seen him play in person and he is hot and foxy but not that buff. Perhaps he has been lifting a lot of weights but usually tennis players don’t bring the guns like Andy is here.

His head also looks like it is pasted onto someone else’s body. It is really weird to be perfectly honest. I gotta say really the body looks hot but this is not my beloved Andy, and if it is…wowza…he got even hotter!

Jessica Simpson and John Mayer SPLIT


If you can believe it, another one of John Mayer’s relationships didn’t work out. The singer — known for his cocky attitude and womanizing — added Jessica Simpson to the laundry list of Hollywood women whose Wonderlands he was ready to leave. Rumor has it John dumped Jess this weekend. The couple, who were first linked at the beginning of this year, represented Simpson’s first real relationship since her very public divorce from Nick Lachey. Lachey, meanwhile, is still running around the world with girlfriend Vanessa Minnillo and her seemingly limitless collection of bikinis.

Jessica, who just a few years ago made headlines for her demure clothing and decision to remain a virgin until marriage, has been notorious lately for wearing extremely revealing outfits. Neither star’s rep is willing to comment on the split, but Jessica is in Cannes this weekend, while John was spotted at NYC hotspot Stereo in search of a new little cake marked “Eat me.”

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