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Out on the Town


Britney Spears and what must be her newest assistant hit up Hollywood on Saturday night.

Doesn’t this girl have any friends?

It seems every time there’s another young woman in a shot, it turns out to be her assistant. When’s the last time you saw a picture of Britney out with friends? She doesn’t have any!

Congratulations to Sarah Thompson!

Sarah Thompson Marries Brad Kane, Wedding Photos Pictures

Sarah Thompson, who plays Rose on Seventh Heaven, was married this weekend in Santa Barbara to screenwriter Brad Kane (the People article doesn’t mention this, but he also did the singing voice of Aladdin in the animated film, which I think is about the coolest claim to fame anyone could ever have).

“It was breathtakingly beautiful,” she said. “It was amazing to be surrounded by the people you love the most.”

I have to admit that coming across this article on was one of the strangest things that’s happened to me in my career as a gossip blogger. I’ve known Sarah since elementary school. The last time I talked to her she had just become engaged. I remember when we were kids she would write in my yearbooks that I’d see her on Broadway one day. Jesus, Sarah, I just saw your freaking wedding photo on Oh, the places we go!

Congratulations on everything, Sarah. You deserve it.

Britney’s “Sexy” Comeback


Poor Britney Spears has really lost it and News of the World has the stills from the set of her new “comeback” music video to prove it.

Here are some highlights from Brit’s video shoot.

* She left TWICE for an hour long massage leaving the cast and crew waiting
* She had problems doing the sexy pole dance and left the set in tears
* At one point she clutched her new puppy and stared into space
* She wouldn’t eat or drink anything except Red Bull during the shoot and by the end had downed about 20 of the super caffinated drinks
* Essentially the shoot had to be shut down at midnight because she was a mess

Britney’s mom sis and brother are en route to Vegas to stage an intervention. Kevin is going to get those kids if somebody doesn’t rein in Brit Brit’s crazy soon.

Click here for the article and more crazy pics from Britney’s ill-fated video shoot.

Fashion Vicitm of the Week

Lizzie Grubman

Sorry for being a bit lax with my fashion victims…I have been traveling/moving/waiting for the Beet to join me in my New York adventures.

Seriously Lizzie Grubman why are you wearing an orange bodysuit under your dress.

Wait. Sweet Jesus that is that your skin???

Someone call the tan police.

That is just wrong.

With Our Powers Combined…

Brody Jenner and Kim Kardashian at Koi Restaurant, pictures pics photos

Ring, ring!
Brody Jenner: Hi, Kim.
Kim Kardashian: Hi, Brody.
BJ: Gee, Kim, I sure do wish I was more famous than I am. I had that one TV show that lasted three episodes, and then I was banging Nicole Richie, and then Lauren Conrad, and now I’m just plumb out of ideas.
KK: I have the same problem.
BJ: Any suggestions?
KK: You could pee on Lauren Conrad and tape it. That works well.
BJ: That’s a really good idea, but I don’t know if Lauren would go for it.
KK: You could get a DUI or get arrested for doing something totally retarded while you’re drunk.
BJ: Yeah, but that’s so Jason Wahler. I don’t want to look like a copycat.
KK: I guess you could try feuding with someone. Spencer Pratt maybe?
BJ: See, we did that earlier in the week, and it might have been a big deal at a different time, but Lindsay Lohan got that DUI. So we blew that load for nothing.
KK: That sucks. Paris and Nicole got mileage out of that shit for like two years.
BJ: I know. It’s not fair.
KK: I’ll tell you what: I’m marginally famous for nothing. So are you. What if we showed up somewhere together? That would get some publicity for sure.
BJ: Oooh, I like that idea!
KK: Awesome. You like sushi?
BJ: Totally.

At Koi last night.

Update: I forgot these two are step-siblings. Which will make it even better publicity for them when they start dating. Thanks Anna!

Britney’s Bodyguard Kicks Some Ass

Britney Spears Bodyguard attacks Photographer, Pictures, Pics, Photos

When are these bodyguards going to learn that beating up paparazzi only equals more negative publicity for whoever it is they’re “protecting?” Britney Spears’ bodyguard beat up a photog in Las Vegas on Thursday. From TMZ:

Las Vegas police cited Britney’s bodyguard last night in Las Vegas, for putting the smackdown on a photographer from Flynet agency.

The bodyguard, Julio Camera, nicknamed J.C., allegedly attacked the photog from behind after the lensman accidentally bumped Brit’s older son, Sean. J.C. is accused of laying the beating on him while he was on the ground, as Wynn Hotel personnel rushed to pull the overzealous hire-a-thug off the lensman.

The photog was treated for his injuries and charges will likely be filed.

Britney has also filed a crime report on behalf of Sean Preston.