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Nick and Vanessa: Hot Tub Lovin

Update: Pics removed because Nick and Vanessa hate me.

I really wish we could give you the uncensored versions of these photos but sadly they have not came out yet.

As you see what we do have, via Famous Magazine, is a lovely set of candids of Nick and Vanessa getting their freak on in a hot tub during a recent vacation to Mexico.

These photos are slightly amusing and my favorite happens to be the one where all you see is her leg up in the air. They enjoy various positions and really these only help us prove that Vanessa is a bit of a freak.

Enjoy these for now. We are on the hunt for the dirty versions because that is how we do it here at the Beet. All naked. All the time.

HAPPY 4th of JULY!!!


While we do love our international readers, we also love the USA, and we love having a day off from everything. So we’re taking the day off to hang out on the beach and BBQ and hopefully not sunburn too badly. See you all tomorrow!

Ellen Pompeo Might Have Eaten This Week

Ellen Pompeo at the Dior Show at Paris Fashion Week, Photos and Pictures

The Grey’s star and her fiance showed up at the Dior show at Paris Fashion Week on Monday night, and she looked — dare I say it — healthy. Look at those arms! They are looking decidedly un-stick-like. Maybe with all the drama enveloping the set of Grey’s Anatomy, Pompeo realized she was going to go totally insane if she didn’t start feeding herself. Or maybe she’s just happy to be engaged. Or maybe — just maybe — she’s pregnant.

Whatever the reason, keep it up, Ellen! You and Nicole can share a room at Cedars Sinai for your babies instead of your eating disorders. My, wouldn’t that be nice.

Ellen Pompeo at Christian Dior Show at Paris Fashion Week, Photos and Pictures Ellen Pompeo and Fiance Chris Ivery at the Christian Dior Show at Paris Fashion Week in France, Photos and Pictures

God Save Us All; Nicole Richie Is Actually Pregnant

Nicole Richie is Pregnant with Joel Madden’s Baby

Fuck. Me.

If Nicole thinks this shit is getting her out of jail time, she’s dead wrong.

So everyone and their little sister mag has decided to announce today that they’ve “independently confirmed” that Nicole’s pregnant, and word on the street is that she and Joel will be getting married this summer (isn’t this fun, Hilary?). She kept the pregnancy a “secret” for the first three months (and she’s stayed uncharacteristically far from the spotlight for most of that time), but she’s now telling friends.

I could be an ass about this, but I’m not going to be. If this is your decision, Nicole, I wish you all the best. Please stay sober and please stay healthy.

Lindsay Lohan is Totally Fuckable Again

Lindsay Lohan 21st birthday Bikini Pictures Photos

Admit it. The little bitch looks good again. Seriously, why didn’t someone tell me earlier that taking a month off cocaine could have this big an impact on your looks? I’m totally going to try that.

Lindsay spent her 21st birthday at a Malibu beach pad with her family and some friends, including DJ AM, Calum Best, Samantha Ronson and Evan Ross (yup, that’s Diana’s son). She hung out until past two in the morning, when she was taken back to Promises.

Hooray for summer, and hooray for Lindsay Lohan sporting hot little nautical bikinis.

Lindsay Lohan 21st birthday Bikini Pictures at Beach Photos Lindsay Lohan 21st birthday party Bikini Pictures at Beach Photos